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  1. Announcing Board Member candidates for September election
  2. September election process & request for ballot counters
  3. Location for Annual Meeting
  4. Bylaws Review Committee

1. Nominees for September Election

Nominations for Treasurer, Wastewater Bargaining Chair, Transit Bargaining Chair, and the Council of Representatives Chair were received in writing by the Nominating Committee by 5 p.m. Tuesday, August 29. The nominees were, as follows:

Office Nominees
Council of Representatives Chair:   Jennifer Ash, Ken Madden
Treasurer:   Rylan Knuttgen, Sally Turner
Transit Bargaining Chair:   Jerry Williams
Wastewater Bargaining Chair:   Roger Browne

All nominees for the Board positions have been confirmed as members in good standing, and are thereby declared as the official candidates for the open positions, as above. Candidate statements will be included in a forthcoming TEA Times. We are in the process of finding a time and place for members to meet the candidates, probably during the week of September 11.

2. Election Process & Request for Ballot Counters after Annual Meeting, 9/20

Representatives will immediately email the list of candidates to, or post for, their workgroup.

Ballots will be distributed by the representatives no later than Wednesday, September 13. To keep the votes anonymous, remember to put the ballot in the unmarked envelope, to slip that envelope inside the larger envelope, and to sign over the edge of the sealed flap. Drop the ballots into the ballot box at the Secretary's cubicle: Gillian Zacharias, cubicle #4697, south side of the 4th floor, King Street Center up to one hour before the annual meeting: 11 a.m. on September 20. Ballots may also be hand delivered to Alton Gaskill during the first half hour of the Annual Meeting, noon to 12:30 p.m.

Members who will be unavailable to receive or otherwise cast a vote during the week of September 13-20 may vote by proxy by requesting a proxy form from the Secretary, Gillian Zacharias. The form should be completed, signed, and returned to TEA President Alton Gaskill prior to the distribution of ballots on September 13. The Proxy's ballot shall be delivered to the Secretary at the General Election.

These instructions will be included with the ballots and may also be found in the TEA Bylaws, Article IX, Elections.

Ballots will be counted immediately following the Annual Meeting adjournment. We need a couple of volunteers for approximately 2 hours (i.e., 1-3 p.m.) to count ballots. Notify Gillian Zacharias.

The candidates who receive a majority of ballots cast will be declared elected.

The Board will notify successful candidates by 5 p.m. Notice of the results will be posted immediately and in the subsequent TEA Times.

3. Annual Meeting & Election in September

The TEA Annual Meeting will be held in the Director's Conference Room on the 8th Floor of the King Street Center, from noon to 1 p.m.

4. Bylaws Review Committee, 2017-18

As noted in the previous TEA Times, the Board decided to create a Bylaw Review Committee to update the TEA Bylaws which haven't been comprehensively reviewed for over 10 years.

Gillian Zacharias, Secretary, is heading the Bylaws Review Committee with volunteers Jennifer Ash, Roger Browne, Rylan Knuttgen, Amir Moazzami, and Velma Valdez. The first meeting was held on Wednesday, August 30. The Committee intends to complete its review by the end of the year and to present the proposed changes to the members in January.

Some of the previously proposed issues were presented at the August 16 monthly meeting:

Members are encouraged to review the bylaws on the TEA website, and provide any comments, suggestions, or queries to any member of the committee or to your Representative.

TEA Board

Alton Gaskill, President
Michael Sands, Vice President
Gillian Zacharias, Secretary
Elizabeth Wright, Treasurer
Roger Browne, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Ken Madden, Council of Representatives Chair