Special Election for Thursday, August 23, 2018

The TEA Board is holding a Special Election to amend the bylaws at the next monthly meeting, which will occur Thursday, August 23, at noon, in the Transit General Manager's Conference Room on the 4th Floor of King Street Center. The TEA Board has drafted language to amend the TEA Bylaws to make them compliant with the June 27, 2018 US Supreme Court Decision, Janus v. AFSCME. The decision and its implications for TEA were discussed in the previous issue of the TEA Times. The TEA–specific Q&A on the Janus Decision can be found here.

The proposed amendments are presented in the August 2018 version of the TEA Bylaws, with tracked changes shown. This is the only location where the full text of the changes is presented; the ballots have a summary description only.

Article XII of the bylaws requires members to approve amendments. This may done by a show of hands or by one-page ballots at a Special Meeting. In this case, the Board decided to hold a Special Election to vote on the amendments, which means distributing ballots to all members beforehand and closing the balloting at the monthly meeting on August 23.

Ballots will be distributed on August 16 by TEA Representatives, who will also arrange for their collection. Sealed ballots may be given to any Board member, or delivered to the Secretary, at the August 23 meeting by 12:15 PM. Members who cannot attend the meeting may assign their vote to a Proxy member, by downloading and completing this Proxy form ahead of time.