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October Topics

  1. Monthly Meeting
  2. Wastewater Bargaining Committee
  3. Transit Bargaining Committee
  4. Council of Representatives
  5. Leave Donations Request

1. Monthly TEA Meeting

The next monthly meeting will be held October 21 at Noon on the 5th floor in the Harappa conference room.

2. Wastewater Bargaining Committee

The proposed agreement will be posted on the www.teaseattle.org website after a draft has been finalized by the County and TEA. (Mouse over the TEA toolbar item; the link to the bylaws is the first option.) This should occur early in the week of 10/5. The Bargaining Team will hold informational meetings to discuss the negotiated changes to the contract as follows:

You may contact Alton Gaskill directly with any questions that you have at 206-477-5389 or alton.gaskill@kingcounty.gov. If you do not receive a ballot within the next few days, please contact Hillary Schafer at 206-477-5504 or hillary.schafer@kingcounty.gov.

Ratification vote for the 2015-2016 contract is schedule for the monthly meeting at noon to 1:00 p.m. at the King Street Center, Floor 5 Cloaca Maxima and Harappa Meeting Rooms, October 21, 2015.

3. Transit Bargaining Committee

Transit Bargaining Team met with the County on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. The meeting served to transition between county labor negotiators as James Johnson is taking over for Sasha Alessi, and for Pete Melin who is now the acting Manager of Design and Construction.  The open issues were discussed and the parties agreed to find a date later in October to continue.

Please contact Transit Bargaining Chair Jerry Williams if you have any questions.

4. Council of Representatives

The next meeting of the Council of Representatives will be November 17 in room 8-I.

Lunch-hour training sessions by TEA Attorney are being scheduled and will include the following topics: Collective Bargaining Rights; Medical Accommodations; Just Cause for Discipline; and Pre-discipline procedures.

Please contact Council of Representatives Chair Ken Madden for additional information.

5. Leave Donations Request

Randy Westendorf, Construction Manager for WTD Conveyance Inspection and Flow Monitoring group, is in need of Leave Donations. Please contact your Human Resources office for the appropriate forms and process for donations.

TEA Board

John Phillips, President
Jane McPherson, Vice President
Hillary Schafer, Secretary
Elizabeth Wright, Treasurer
Alton Gaskill, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Ken Madden, Council of Reps. Chair