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  1. Annual TEA Meeting
  2. Wastewater Bargaining Committee
  3. Transit Bargaining Committee
  4. Council of Representatives

1. Annual TEA Meeting

Join us for lunch! The Annual Meeting for TEA members will be held September 16th on the 5th floor in the Harappa/Cloaca conference room, Noon-1:00pm.

Ballots for the 2015 TEA Board member election are due by 1:00pm on September 16th. Late ballots will not be counted.

2. Wastewater Bargaining Committee

After one year of bargaining, The TEA Wastewater Bargaining Team and King County Labor Management are working on details of a tentative agreement. The proposed collective bargaining agreement will then be presented to the TEA Board with a recommendation to hold a ratification vote for the WW staff and WW supervisors bargaining units.

The proposed agreement will be distributed when a draft is finalized by the County and the TEA Attorney. Bargaining Team will hold informational meetings on October 5 at KSC 8I at noon for supervisors and on October 8 at KSC 8J to discuss the negotiated changes to the contract. Please contact Wastewater Bargaining Chair Alton Gaskill if you have any questions about the ratification and Council adoption process.

3. Transit Bargaining Committee

The Transit Labor Relations representative, Sasha Alessi, has accepted an acting position with Transit Human Resources. Jim Johnson, who has been working on the WTD contract, will temporarily assume Mr. Alessi’s responsibilities for Transit. The Transit Bargaining Team will meet with Mr. Johnson soon to discuss the status of ongoing mediation.

Please contact Transit Bargaining Chair Elizabeth Wright if you have any questions.

4. Council of Representatives

Thank you to our Council of Representatives for all your hard work this past year!

There is no regular monthly meeting scheduled for September. The Representatives are invited to lunch on September 15th at noon. Don Marable will follow up to let the Representatives know the location and to confirm reservations.

TEA Board

John Phillips, President
Jane McPherson, Vice President
Hillary Schafer, Secretary
Jerry Williams, Treasurer
Alton Gaskill, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Elizabeth Wright, Transit Bargaining Chair
Don Marable, Council of Reps. Chair