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Revised TA = Re-Vote for Transit Contract Proposal

On December 11th, Transit TEA members rejected a Tentative Agreement (TA) that included a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). After the vote results were announced, the County approached TEA with a new proposal: The TA without the MOA.

At their meeting on December 18th, the TEA Board considered the merits of the new contract proposal in light of the strong member sentiment opposing the MOA. The Board voted to allow Transit members the opportunity to vote on the revised TA proposal. However, the Board decided to wait until after the holidays to conduct the vote in order to accommodate members' vacation schedules.

Quick Review: the Transit Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement (TA) on a 1-year roll-over contract which would cover 2014. The TA includes a COLA (1.67%) and it would maintain the 2013 medical plans at their current levels. However, the revised TA does not include the MOA that would have bound the Transit bargaining process to an accelerated schedule for the 2015 contract.

A link to the TA will be posted on the TEA website. www.teaseattle.org

A member meeting has been scheduled on January 16th from 12-1pm in room 4C to discuss the revised TA.

New ballots are being prepared and will be distributed to Transit members by January 14th. The ballots will be a different color to clearly distinguish them from the earlier ones.

The ballots are due by noon on January 22nd.