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February 9 2012


  • February Monthly meeting
  • Bargaining updates: WW & Transit
  • Leave Requests
  • DRS Retirement account info
  • Healthy Incentives

1. February Monthly meeting

Will be February 15th in 4C, KSC. 12 Noon

Topics in this newsletter will be covered in more detail at the monthly meeting as needed, and the usual suspects like a treasurer report will make an appearance. Hope to see you there!

There will also be a Council of Representatives meeting later this month, on the 21st in 8J, KSC.

2. Bargaining updates

Wastewater Contracts

The last bargaining session was on January 26. We are reviewing salary information and the next bargaining session is March 8th.

Transit Contract Update

The Public Employees Regulatory Commission (PERC) certified the TEA Transit Staff bargaining unit for arbitration and TEA is preparing for that while continuing to bargain some issues.

As a reminder, we have settled on the following dates.

* May 21-24, 2012
* May 30-31, 2012
* June 27-28, 2012

As we have more information we will continue to provide you updates. As always if you have questions on any bargaining issue please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members or you may email to lizziescafe at gmail dot com

3. Leave Requests

Steve Rosane has exhausted his leave balances and his donated leave (thanks for donating!). He has a continuing need for any leave you can donate, thanks.

4. DRS Retirement Account update

Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) requested as part of King County's move to a single county payroll system that the county consolidate to one DRS account for county employees (previously there were separate accounts for "old Metro" agencies, Public Health and LEOFF members). In sending the files to DRS for current county employees, most of the employees in these other accounts were successfully transferred to the single county account without any problem - but in about 400 cases, where employees apparently had history on both the semi-monthly and bi-weekly payrolls, the DRS database is temporarily showing the employees as inactive.

The County claims that there is no harm that will result to the 400 employees' DRS accounts, because DRS knows the specific employees affected and is actively working to fix the database so that they are not showing as inactive.

The County considered doing a global communication but because of the limited numbers affected and being assured by DRS that the fix is imminent, they decided not to email a global communique. But if you have more questions call Benefits 206-684-1556 and if you check your DRS account on-line review your service time and hire date specifically.

TEA is disappointed there was no communication to affected employees and that this has caused considerable distress to some WTD employees and TEA members. It is unacceptable to not let people know that changes are being made to such a financially important benefit to our members. Please let any TEA Board Member know if you have any issues with your retirement accounts that don't seem to be getting resolved.

5. Healthy Incentives reminder

The deadline for submitting your assessment data is coming up very soon! (February 12). Please don't miss it! As always, ask for help if there are any problems, and we will find you a resource. Also, we are still gathering data regarding the switch to Regence and any problems that has caused TEA members, please advise your Council Representative or any Board member.

TEA Board

Adé Franklin, President
Ken Madden, Vice President
Roger Browne, Secretary
Jerry Williams, Treasurer
John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Elizabeth Wright, Transit Bargaining Chair
Alton Gaskill, Council of Reps. Chair