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Monthly Member Meeting, Wed., June 29th
KSC Room 5th floor “Cloaca Maxima”

NOTE: The meeting date has been changed from 6/15 to 6/29

The meeting agenda:

Bargaing updates

Wastewater Contracts
The bargaining committee will meet for both staff and supervisor successor contracts on the 15th of June. The supervisor's contract was introduced at Council June 13th and will pass through another committee tomorrow. We hope to report approval by the time of the monthly meeting.

Transit contract
The Transit bargaining session scheduled for 6/10 was cancelled by King County due to a personal/family issue with the County's lead negotiator, Jim Meith. The next bargaining session is scheduled for Friday, June 17. The parties are expected to exchange "what-if" contract proposals.


After detailed review and research, the majority of responses received by the Council of Representatives indicated that members are generally happy with their previous VEBA vote and somewhat concerned about the lack of time available for discussion and education needed for a re-vote. Accordingly, the Board had determined that the results of the most recent VEBA votes will continue in force through 2012 as originally scheduled. A vote will likely be scheduled next spring but before the 4th Friday in June 2012 to set conditions for 2013 if the program remains in effect at that time.

Annual Financial Plan

The Board has proposed the creation of a committee to help prepare an update to the TEA financial plan. As a result, we are now soliciting volunteers to help assemble a draft TEA financial plan (Due in October) which will include a look forward at the dues rate. Please contact any Board member Ken Madden if you are interested in serving on this committee.

Furlough Appeal hearing

The trial was held on April 22nd. We are (still) awaiting the ruling from the judge. There is no fixed timeline for his response.

Meetings and Events Calendar

June 29 - Monthly Meeting Meeting 12-1 PM Harrapa and Cloacca (5 B & C)
June 21 - Council of Reps - contact Alton Gaskill for details (8J)

Regular TEA Board Meetings are in KSC 4-G, 1st and 2nd Wed of each month.

TEA times are scheduled the week before the Monthly meeting with special editions as the need arises.