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SPECIAL EDITION TEA - Transit Bargaining Update

Transit Bargaining Update

The Transit Bargaining Team has met with the County for four contract bargaining sessions to date: 3/31, 4/21, 4/28 and 5/5. The TEA Transit Bargaining Team includes: Jerry Williams, Faye Smith, Colin Asquith, and attorney Jim Cline. TEA President Ade Franklin also attended. The bargaining team meets periodically with the larger Bargaining Committee which includes: Garrett Stronks, Nancy Gordon, Don Marable, Isaiah Pullet and Ken Madden.

King County's Bargaining Team includes: Jim Meith, Randy Witt, Chris Egan and Berneta Walraven.

Significant progress has been made at the bargaining table although some substantial issues remain. Several contract articles have already been TA'd (tentative agreement) and initialed by both sides. These will be part of the total contract package that will be subject to member ratification. In addition, both sides have agreed on the duration of the contract: 2008 - 2013. Both sides have now presented opening wage proposals. The wage proposals will likely become a major focus of the remaining bargaining sessions.

Future negotiation sessions have been scheduled for 5/13, 5/23, 6/10, 6/17 and 6/23.

Furlough Trial

Oral arguments in King County's appeal of PERC's furlough decision were heard by Judge McPhee on Friday, April 22, 2011. The Judge did not make his ruling immediately following oral arguments as was anticipated. The Judge set a tentative schedule for having a conference call with the parties, but that schedule has passed without a call. TEA members will be notified as soon as possible when a ruling is made.