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  1. February Monthly TEA Member Meeting
  2. Transit Representation vote
  3. Furlough Appeal hearing
  4. Council of Representatives
  5. Meetings & Events Calendar

1. Monthly Member Meeting, Wed., February 16th

The meeting agenda:

2. Transit Members Choose TEA in Representation Vote

At 9am on February 3rd in Olympia, PERC workers opened the mailed-in ballots for a representation vote for the Transit Design and Construction staff bargaining unit. A total of 58 ballots were distributed be PERC on January 18th. Of those, 57 ballots were returned to PERC by the deadline of February 2nd. The tally was 40 votes for TEA, 17 votes for the Teamsters.

The Transit Bargaining Team met on February 10th to prepare for the next bargaining session with the County. TEA and the County's labor relations representative are scheduling several bargaining sessions in March and April.

3. Furlough Appeal hearing

At Thurston County Superior Court, the County appeal of the PERC furlough decision is scheduled for February 18th.

4. Council of Reps

We still have some work groups without representation; if yours is one of those and you have an interest or a nomination, please see Alton Gaskill. A planned topic at the next Council of Reps meeting will explore the possibility of a 2nd Council of Representatives chair / meeting that is exclusive to Transit issues.

5. Meetings and Events Calendar

   February 16 - Monthly Meeting Meeting, 12-1pm, 7278 (We'xes Frog)
   February 15 - TEA Council of Reps Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 8-J
   February 22 - Grievance Committee
   Regular TEA Board Meetings are in KSC 4-G, 1st and 2nd Wed of each month.

About the Calendar: Please keep that feedback rolling in, we plan a TEA times the week before the Monthly meeting with special editions as the need arises.

6. Donations

Valerie Garza and Wyatt Wood are both out of leave and would welcome donations of any type.

7. Cookies?

We don't know if there are any left, but Mark Hurston and Jeff Lundt were both rumored to have been selling Girl Scout Cookiestm (you know you love em) ...

TEA Board

Adé Franklin, President
Ken Madden, Vice President
Roger Browne, Secretary
Terry Browne, Treasurer
John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Alton Gaskill, Council of Reps. Chair