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* October Monthly TEA Member Meeting
* WW Staff Contract TA
* ESL for WW
* Transit Spousal Access Fee - Grievance Mediation
* Request for Transit Meeting Agenda Items
* Meetings & Events Calendar
* Donations

1. Monthly Member Meeting, Wed., October 20th

The meeting agenda:

2. WW Staff Contract TA

WW Bargaining Chair John Phillips reports that the Bargaining Team has reached a "verbal" TA with the County for a successor contract for next year. A written DRAFT Contract is being prepared and will be distributed to WW members as soon as it is available. A meeting with the WW members will be schedule before a vote on the DRAFT Contract to discuss pros and cons and answer any questions that members have.

3. ESL Update for WW Staff Members

At the beginning of the year during the implementation of the benefit time (BT) plan, employees were credited time to make up the difference in their BT accrual rate from that previously earned under the sick leave/vacation leave plan. As you know, BT earnings are higher because the accrual includes vacation, holiday, and a portion of sick leave. With the combination of time, holiday pay is no longer provided and sick leave is earned at a reduced rate. When employees were given credit for the higher BT accrual, a small deduction should have applied to the sick leave bank simultaneously. Because this did not occur, it is our intent to correct the adjustment from the employee's SL bank on the October 14th paycheck. For most TEA staff employees this amounts to less than 1 hour. Those in Project Control that were implemented later in the year, the amount will be just under 4 hours. Please understand that those that do not have leave to replace their hours are overpaid until the hours are returned or repayment is made. If there are any questions or concerns that I can address, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Cindy Burch - Human Resource Analyst
Wastewater Treatment Division

4. Transit Spousal Access Fee - Mediation for Retro

A mediation session was held on Friday, Oct. 8th between TEA and King County in an effort to recover funds that were illegally withheld from Transit members Arbitration Retro in 2009. The settlement has the potential to benefit 33 Transit members whose funds were withheld from their Arbitration checks. The issue stems from a grievance filed by a Transit TEA member. King County rejected the grievance and TEA was preparing to file a lawsuit when both sides agreed to try to resolve the issue through mediation. Progress was made on 10/8 and a second mediation session is scheduled for 10/22.

5. Transit Bargaining Unit Meeting - Agenda Items Requested

TEA is planning to host a meeting in the future to discuss ways to get back to the bargaining table and secure members Retro for 2008, 2009 and 2010. If you have any bargaining-related topics that you would like to address at the meeting, please send them to Bargaining Chair Jerry Williams or President Adé Franklin.

6. Meetings and Events Calendar

October 19 - TEA Council of Reps Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 8th Floor
October 20 - TEA Monthly Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC, 5B/C
October 26 - TEA Grievance Committee

7. Donations

Leave Donations are requested for Julie Adams and Jarrett Smith.
Now is a great time to burn off all that leave you were not able to use during the year.
- Thanks.

TEA Board

Adé Franklin, President
Ken Madden, Vice President
Roger Browne, Secretary
Terry Browne, Treasurer
John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Alton Gaskill, Council of Reps. Chair