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Election Results

Ballots for the Officer Election were due at the Annual Meeting today. Member volunteers were requested to help count the ballots. Bob Swarner, Patty Overby, and James Brown agreed to count the ballots.

The certified results are as follows:

   Number of ballots received:        194

   Number of ballots disqualified:      1

   Number of eligible ballots:        193

   Vote Results:

   Position          Candidate      No. of Votes

   President         Adé Franklin      167

   Vice President    Ken Madden        163

   Secretary         Roger Browne      109
                     Jim Weber          81

   Council Chair     Alton Gaskill      98
                     Don Marable        33
                     Sue Michaud        59

TEA Board

   Adé Franklin, President
   Ken Madden, Vice President
   Roger Browne, Secretary
   Terry Browne, Treasurer
   John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair

   Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair

   Alton Gaskill, Council of Reps. Chair