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  1. Nominations for Board Officers
  2. Annual Membership Meeting - Wednesday, September 22
  3. King County makes Proposal - NO COLA for 2011
  4. Meetings   Events Calendar

1. Nominations for Board Officers - Election

Nominations for Board positions closed on August 31st and here is a list of candidates:

    President              Adé Franklin
    Vice President         Ken Madden
    Secretary              Roger Browne and Jim Weber
    Council of Reps Chair  Alton Gaskill, Don Marable and Sue Michaud

Ballots will be distributed by September 15th and the votes will be counted by volunteers at the Annual Membership Meeting on September 22nd.

Note: The current Chair of the Council of Representatives, Jan Knudson, submitted a written notice of her intent to resign from her Board position as of the Annual Meeting date, September 22, 2010. Jan's notice provides an opportunity to fill the position as part of the ongoing officer election process. The successful candidate will fill the position for the remaining 1-year term.

2. Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, from 12-1 in KSC 5B C

    Meeting Agenda
        Call to Order
        Bargaining Update
        Treasurer's Report
        Additional agenda items from TEA members
        Vote Count by Member Volunteers

3. King County proposes NO COLA for 2011

On August 26, 2010 TEA received a proposal from King County in the mail suggesting that we agree to no COLA in 2011. The County asked TEA to sign a memorandum of agreement forgoing any COLA increases in 2011 to address the $60 million general fund financial crisis.

TEA has two bargaining sessions scheduled for the Wastewater Supervisors and Staff. These were set up in anticipation of discussing the 2011 COLA. The two bargaining teams will negotiate the COLA in context of an overall contract for both bargaining units

The Transit Staff are restricted from bargaining until the furlough ULP is resolved and the pending raid petition by the Teamsters is withdrawn or voted on. At this point, King County cannot change the status quo for Transit members, so TEA cannot consider the MOA for the Transit bargaining until negotiations are underway.

It is the view of TEA that the 2011 COLA should be bargained with TEA and consideration of the transit and wastewater budgets should be considered. Forgoing COLA's in our bargaining units can not save jobs in departments funded by King County's general fund.

The wastewater bargaining committees have met and discussed the COLA issue and are anxious to discuss the proposal with the County. The supervisor's bargaining team next negotiation session is September 30 with a PERC mediator. The staff bargaining team is meeting with the County on October 6.

4. Meetings and Events Calendar

	September  8 TEA Board Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 4G
	September 15 TEA Board Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 4G
	September 22 Annual Membership Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 5B C
	September 28 TEA Grievance Committee
	September 30 WW Supervisor Contract Bargaining Session

TEA Board

	Roger Browne, President
	Adé Franklin, Vice President
	Ken Madden, Secretary 
	Terry Browne, Treasurer
	John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
	Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
	Jan Knudson, Council of Reps. Chair