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1. King County Appeals Furlough Decision in Thurston County Superior Court
2. August Monthly Membership Meeting - Wed., 8/18
3. Solicitation for Officer Candidates
4. Announcements - WebMD Appeals
5. Meetings & Events Calendar

1. King County Appeals Furlough Decision by PERC

King County, through their attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine, has filed an appeal in Thurston County Superior Court against PERC for their decision in favor of TEA's argument on the 2009 Furlough. King County has also appealed a similar decision by PERC in favor of ATU 587. The appeal of both cases will be presented at the same time before judge Thomas McPhee. A status conference has been scheduled for October 22, 2010. The case will likely be presented in early 2011.

2. August Member Meeting

The August member meeting is scheduled for Wed., 8/18, from 12-1 in KSC 5B&C

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order
Bargaining Update
Treasurer's Report
Report by Chair of the Council of Representatives
Additional agenda items from TEA members

3. Solicitation for Officer Candidates

Board Positions Up for Election

In accordance with the TEA Bylaws, Board elections are held at the Annual Meeting in September. The Board has set the date for the 2010 Annual Meeting on September 22nd. This year, the following officer positions are open for election:

Position descriptions (roles and responsibilities) and election rules are available in the TEA Bylaws which are posted on the TEA website. If you are interested in running for one of the open Board positions, or if you want to nominate a co-worker, please contact a member of the Board. The nomination process will close 15 work days before the Annual Meeting: August 31 at 4pm. Candidates will then have an option to post a candidate statement in the TEA Times and attend a candidate forum prior to the Annual Meeting. Ballots will be distributed at least 5 work days prior to the Annual Meeting. Volunteers at the Annual Meeting will tally the ballots.

If you have any questions regarding the election process, please contact TEA Secretary Ken Madden.

4. Announcements

WebMD Appeals - By now you should have received a letter from WebMD indicating your insurance "level" (gold, silver, bronze) for 2011. TEA strongly advises you to appeal your assignment if it is not what you think it should be. A number of procedural and administrative errors by the County this year made it difficult to complete all the requirements by the imposed deadline. You should protect your medical and financial interests and those of your family and should not be bashful about appealing WebMD's assessment.

If you have any questions of the appeal process or would like some help from TEA, please contact TEA President Roger Browne.

5. Meeting and Event Calendar

August 04 - TEA Board Meeting, 12-1, 4G, KSC
August 11 - TEA Board Meeting, 12-1, 4G, KSC
August 17 - WW Supervisors Bargaining Committee, 12-1, KSC 4C
August 18 - TEA Monthly Member Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 5B&C
August 19 - WW Staff Bargaining Committee, 12-1, KSC 5C
August 24 - TEA Grievance Committee
August 31 - Mediation for Reimbursement of Transit Spousal Access Fee

TEA Board

Roger Browne, President
Adé Franklin, Vice President
Ken Madden, Secretary
Terry Browne, Treasurer
John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Jan Knudson, Council of Reps. Chair