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1. Furlough Decision from PERC
2. July Monthly Membership Meeting - Wednesday, July 21
3. Announcements / Classified Ads
4. Meetings & Events Calendar

1. Furlough ULP Ruling by PERC

As reported last month, the full PERC Commission has affirmed the ruling by Hearings Examiner Terry Wilson that King County committed an Unfair Labor Practice ULP by failing to bargain with TEA over the unilateral implementation of the 2009 furloughs.

While WW Staff settled the effects of the Furlough as part of their recent contract negotiation and ratification, the WW Supervisors and Transit Staff are still covered by the ULP decision by the full PERC Commission.

In terms of the timeline, the original ruling by Terry Wilson directs the County to respond to TEA and PERC within 20 days on their plan to implement the ruling. Twenty days from the recent decision would be July 12th.

2. July Member Meeting

The July member meeting is scheduled for Wedesday, July 21, from 12-1 in KSC 5B&C

Meeting Agenda
 * Call to Order
 * Bargaining Updates
 * Treasurer's Report
 * Report by Chair of the Council of Representatives
 * Additional agenda items from the floor

3. Announcements / Classified Ads

Nominating Committee - Volunteers are needed for the Nominating Committee. If you are willing to serve on this committee, please contact TEA President Roger Browne by COB Tuesday, July 13, 2010.

4. Meeting and Event Calendar

July 14  -  TEA Board Meeting, 12-1, 4G, KSC
July 21  -  TEA Monthly Member Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 5B&C
July 27  -  TEA Grievance Committee

TEA Board

Roger Browne, President
Adé Franklin, Vice President
Ken Madden, Secretary
Terry Browne, Treasurer
John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Jan Knudson, Council of Reps. Chair