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Furlough Decision from Washington State PERC

On June 22nd, the full PERC Commission has ruled in favor of TEA regarding the '09 furloughs. The decision upholds the original ruling by hearings examiner Terry Wilson on (10/22/09) that King County failed to negotiate with TEA before implementing the furloughs.

The full text of the decision can be found on the PERC website:

What impact does this decision have on TEA members? That depends what bargaining unit you are in.

For members of the WW Supervisor and Transit Staff Bargaining Units, the PERC decision means you will get compensated for the furlough time you were forced to take in 2009, plus interest. The decision enforces the original ruling that says the County must "Restore the status quo ante by reinstating wages, hours, and working conditions which existed in the affected bargaining units prior to the implementation of the furlough program found unlawful in this order including the appropriate interest on all money amounts due" (original ruling by T. Wilson, 10/22/09). There are additional affirmative actions that are required by the ruling, but this is the one that you'll see and feel the most.

If you are in the WW Staff Bargaining Unit, the contract you voted on and approved 9/29/09 contains a provision of "Furlough Replacement Time" in 2010 and 2011.