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  1. WW Supervisor Contract Mediation
  2. WW Staff Bargaining Committee
  3. Transit ULP Update
  4. Council of Representatives
  5. Standby Pay and Night Differential
  6. Announcements
  7. March TEA Meeting Schedule

1. WW Supervisor Contract Mediation

The next contract mediation session for the Wastewater Supervisors contract is scheduled for April 13th.

2. WW Staff Bargaining Committee

The first union meeting to kick-off the next round of contract negotiations for the WW Staff Contract will be held on March 16th, 12-1 in room 8J of the KSC. Any WW staff members interested in participating in the bargaining process should attend this meeting. All bargaining unit members are welcome.
- John Phillips

3. Transit ULP Update

In early 2009, TEA filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Complaint against King County for the unilateral implementation of ten Furlough days. A hearing was conducted in April and a ruling was issued by the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) Hearings Examiner in TEA's favor on October 22, 2009.

King County then appealed the ruling in November and written appeal briefs were submitted by TEA and the County in December 2009. TEA anticipates that PERC's Commissioners will issue a final ruling this spring forcing King County to pay Transit members 80-hours of back pay.

Once the ruling is issued, a vote on the Teamster petition will be scheduled by PERC. Assuming that the petition vote fails, the Transit Bargaining team will begin contract negotiations with King County for the 2008-2010 labor contract and three years of retro.
- Jerry Williams

4. Council of Representatives

The next meeting of the Council is scheduled for April 8th from 12-apm and will be held off-site at Brightwater. The May meeting of the Council will be held at KSC.

5. Standby Pay and Night Differential - Grievance Committee

Standby Pay and Night Differential provisions are included in the current TEA Wastewater Staff Contract. If you are currently working in either of these pay status be sure to use the appropriate TRC Code in PeopleSoft to record your time.

If you were in one of these pay statuses between July 1, 2008 and October 15, 2009 you may be owed retroactive pay. Adé Franklin is collecting information from employees potentially eligible for retroactive checks associated with Standby Pay and Night Differential. Please contact him at or 206-684-1293 if you believe you are entitled to back pay, or for more information on these contract sections.

19.11 Standby Pay. Non-exempt employees assigned to standby duty with a pager or phone will receive 10 % of their base wage rate for each hour that they are assigned to respond to a call outside their normally scheduled work hours. To qualify for the payment, employees must be in a condition ready and able to report to work while assigned to respond to the call. If the employee reports to work, the employee will be paid at the regular rate and will not receive standby pay during that time. Exempt employees shall not be eligible for standby pay.

19.12 Night Differential. Non-exempt employees assigned to work at night for periods longer than two weeks will be entitled to a shift premium of 5% of their regular rate of pay for each hour worked between 8 pm and 4 am. Exempt employees shall not be eligible for night shift differential.

6. Announcement

The TEA Board unanimously passed the following motion at the March 10th Business Meeting.

It is the goal of the TEA dues policy to be fair to all members;
And Whereas;
Membership in TEA is a privilege that comes with personal responsibility and obligation;
And Whereas;
In order to fulfill its obligations to its members, TEA relies on the payment of dues by its members;
Now Therefore;
Effective March 31, 2010, any member of TEA who has previously been a member "In-Good-Standing" (ie. a member whose dues are current) and subsequently becomes a member "Not-In-Good-Standing" (ie. a member whose dues are not current) due to the members' deliberate action or volition, shall, as a condition of reinstatement to "Good-Standing", pay a reinstatement penalty to TEA equal to 20-times their hourly rate in addition to all dues which are past-due. Failure to pay the reinstatement penalty within 30-calendar days of notification will trigger the start of the termination process per the bargaining unit contract.

7. March Meeting Schedule

March 16 - WW Staff Bargaining Committee, 12-1, KSC 8J
March 17 - TEA Monthly Member Meeting, 12-1, KSC 5B&C
March 23 - TEA Grievance Committee Meeting
March 23 - Transit Joint Labor-Management Committee (JLMC) Meeting

TEA Board

Roger Browne, President
Adé Franklin, Vice President
Ken Madden, Secretary
Terry Browne, Treasurer
John Phillips, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
Jan Knudson, Council of Reps. Chair