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May 4 2009


1. Leave Donation Requests
2. Wastewater Mediation
3. Political Action Committee
4. Classified
5. Meeting Calendar

1. Leave Donation Requests

Michele Martin, who works in the Wastewater Treatment Division, is being treated for a serious health condition and is in need of sick leave donations.

Also, Claire Christian, a Wastewater employee, is recovering from a hospital stay and is in need of leave donations.

2. Wastewater Mediation

The next Wastewater Mediation Session is scheduled for June 2.

3. Political Action Committee

TEA has a Political Action Committee, and John Phillips is the Chair. The purpose of it is to look for political activities that benefit TEA. This year will be a busy and exciting year for the committee. With Ron Sims leaving for Washington D.C., there are many potential candidates vying for this spot. For members of TEA working in Transit and Wastewater, this represents the future leadership of our employer and the future of labor relations at King County.

The Political Action Committee will be working hard to vet these candidates and understand their positions on labor, clean water and public transit. Currently, the committee is working on a questionnaire for the candidates. Based on their response to the questions, the committee will recommend whether TEA should support each individual candidate.

So, are you interested in seeing who the next King County Executive will be? Consider joining the committee today! Please contact John Phillips if you are interested and remember that political activity is not allowed on the King County e-mail system, so stop by and see John to get more information.

4. Classified

TEA members can post classified ads for free.
Send classified ads to TEA Secretary Ken Madden

5. TEA Meeting Calendar

  May  6 - TEA Board Meeting, KSC 4G, 12-1
  May 13 - TEA Board Meeting, KSC 4G, 12-1
  May 20 - TEA Monthly Member Meeting, 12-1, KSC, 7044/7045
  May 26 - TEA Grievance Committee Meeting