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February 24 2009


  1. TEA February Meeting - Pizza party!
  2. Wastewater Mediation Update
  3. Transit Retro Update
  4. Furlough ULP
  5. March Meeting Calendar

1. TEA Member Meeting - Pizza Party

The February meeting was switched from 2/19 to 2/25 to accommodate the ULP testimony last week. Tomorrow's meeting (12-1pm) will be held in rooms 603/604 of the KSC and Pizza and drinks will be provided!

2. Wastewater Mediation Update

Three Mediation sessions are scheduled for March 9th, 11th and 12th. A Wastewater Bargaining Committee meeting will be scheduled prior to the first mediation session.

3. Transit Retro Update

King County is in the process of implementing the arbitration award. Transit members can view their new wage rates on PeopleSoft <http://payreps/PeopleSoft/EmpPersonal/>. All Transit members should verify their new wage rates! The County has indicated that the new rate will be reflected on the March 5th paychecks.

The County appears to be following through on their threat to withhold $35/month from our Retro for 2007, 2008 and 2009. TEA Transit members with spouses or domestic partners covered by King County medial benefits received a letter and survey from the County to be used to document the availability of spousal medical benefits each year. The letter asks employees to return the form by February 27, 2009. TEA disagrees with the County on this issue and may take legal action once the fee is withheld from TEA member's Retro checks. However, in the short term, TEA advises applicable members to fill out the form and return it as requested.

The County has further advised that retro checks should be issued by the end of March.

4. Furlough ULP

  1. TEA filed a ULP alleging that the County interfered with TEA, failed to bargain, appealed directly to employees and other offenses. PERC has issued a preliminary ruling supporting TEA's arguments and the County has been given 21 days to respond to PERC regarding the charges.

  2. TEA received several individual grievances from members regarding the furlough and will consolidate them into a step 2 grievance to each department manager (Wastewater and Transit).

5. TEA Meeting Schedule

  March 4 - TEA Board, 12-1, KSC 4G
  March 9 - WW Mediation
  March 11 - TEA Board, 12-1, KSC 4G
  March 11 - WW Mediation
  March 12 - WW Mediation
  March 18 - TEA Monthly Member Meeting, 12-1, KSC, 3D&E
  March 24 - TEA Grievance Committee Meeting

TEA Board

   Roger Browne, President
   Ade Franklin, Vice President
   Ken Madden, Secretary 
   Terry Browne, Treasurer
   Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
   Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
   John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair