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February 9 2009


  1. Furlough ULP
  2. Transit Contract and Retro Update
  3. Wastewater Contract Mediation
  4. Advertisements
  5. February Meeting Calendar

1. Furlough ULP

TEA filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint (ULP) with the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) alleging that the County interfered with TEA, failed to bargain, appealed directly to employees and other offenses in order to implement the Furloughs in 2009. On January 21, PERC has issued a preliminary ruling in our favor and has now confirmed it will schedule a hearing on this matter.

TEA has received several individual grievances from members regarding the furlough and has consolidated them into a "step 2 grievance" (filed directly the Division/Section manager) for both the Wastewater Treatment Division and the Transit Design & Construction Section.

2. Transit Contract and RETRO Update


King County Labor Negotiator David Levin has threatened to hold the RETRO checks until TEA agrees with his proposal to delete about $1000 from the RETRO of TEA members with benefit-eligible spouses. Levin says he won't release the checks until TEA agrees to his demand to "back-charge" any transit member whose spouse may have had medical benefits available to them from their employer in 2007-2009. TEA views this threat is illegal and unfair and the Board is prepared to take legal action to force the County to release the retro payments in accordance with the binding arbitration decision on December 23, 2008. In addition, the law allows for interest and punitive damages when an employer willfully withholds wages; TEA plans to seek these damages on your behalf.

In addition to the legal action, TEA encourages all members to contact elected County officials to voice opposition to the County's unfair action. TEA President Roger Browne and Transit Bargaining Chair Jerry Williams are meeting with Randy Witt (new D&C manager) and Kevin Desmond this week to voice their concerns with the County's action.

3. Wastewater Mediation Update

We are no longer on schedule for the 19th; PERC wants us in the ULP hearing instead. We are attempting to arrange the 20th of February and dates in the first two weeks of March. We are also in bargaining with a coalition for wastewater administrative salaries on February 10.

Outside of bargaining, but in a related matter, we had some success addressing a general performance evaluation issue outside of the normal grievance process in meetings with wastewater HR and management. At least one more meeting is planned.

4. Advertisements

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5. TEA Meeting Schedule

    February 11 ...... TEA Board, 12-1, KSC 4G
    February 12 ...... Council of Reps, 12-1, KSC, 4D
    February 18-27 ... ULP Hearing
    February 20 ...... Wastewater Mediation (tentative)
    February 24 ...... TEA Grievance Committee Meeting
    February 25 ...... TEA Monthly Member Meeting, 12-1, KSC, 603/604, 6th Floor

TEA Board

  Roger Browne, President
  Adé Franklin, Vice President
  Ken Madden, Secretary
  Terry Browne, Treasurer
  Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
  Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
  John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair