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September 9 2008


  1. September Meeting Calendar
  2. Annual Membership Meeting
  3. Nominations / Elections
  4. Transit Contract Arbitration
  5. Wastewater Contract Negotiations
  6. Announcements
  7. Advertisements

1. September Meeting Calendar

	September 10 - Board Meeting, 12-1, KSC 4G
	September 12 - WW Negotiations
	September 17 - Annual Membership Meeting, 12-1, KSC, 5B&C
	September 22 - Transit Negotiations, 1:30-4:30
	September 23 - Grievance Committee, 9am

2. Annual Membership Meeting

TEA will host its Annual Meeting on the third Wednesday in September in accordance with the Association Bylaws.  Election of officers will occur at the Annual Meeting, Wed., 9/17, in Conf. Room 5B&C.

3. Nominations and Elections

Nominations for the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary were advertised in the August TEA Times, and the nomination schedule closed on Tuesday, August 26th.  Incumbents Roger Browne, Adé Franklin and Ken Madden were each nominated for a second term.  No other nominations were received by the Nominating Committee.

In accordance with the Bylaws, the election of officers will be conducted by a hand-vote at the Annual Meeting September 17th.  Ballots will not be distributed in order to save money.

4. Transit Contract Arbitration

King County and TEA submitted their written arbitration briefs to Arbitrator Michael Beck yesterday afternoon.  In late August, the County had requested a schedule extension from August 22 to September 8.  It is industry practice that both sides submit their briefs on the same day at approximately the same time.

Now it is up to Arbitrator Beck to review the briefs and render a ruling.  Unfortunately, the Arbitrator has indicated that due to a WA State Ferry Arbitration that by law must be completed in September, he cannot review the Transit briefs until October, making the retro paycheck date around the end of this year or early next year.

In the mean time, TEA and King County are scheduled to begin bargaining the next contract on September 22nd.  If you have issues for the next Transit contract, please send them to the Transit Bargaining Chair Jerry Williams.

5. Wastewater Contract Negotiations

Negotiations for a successor contract continue.  TEA WW Bargaining Session scheduled for August 27, 2008 was postponed until September 12, 2008 by the County Bargaining Team.  The County stated that it needed more time to prepare its salary proposal.

6. Announcements

MERRA is offering reduced-rate tickets to Wild Waves ($25 as opposed to $37.50) and Movies at several theaters.  Please contact a MERRA representative to purchase tickets.  For more information, call Faye Smith at 263-5280.

The Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) is holding a Candlelight Vigil Sept 14, 2008 at 7:30pm in front of the medical center on NE Pacific St.  This vigil is to demonstrate nursing unity and community support for the issues at hand.  Among the issues, a tiny 4% pay increase over 2 years, less rest between shifts, and reduced medical benefits.  You can check out their website at www.wsna.org for details.

7. Advertisements

TEA members can post classified ads for free.
Send classified ads to TEA Secretary Ken Madden <>

TEA Board

	Roger Browne, President
	Adé Franklin, Vice President
	Ken Madden, Secretary 
	Terry Browne, Treasurer
	Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
	Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
	John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair