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June 2 2008


  1. TEA Meeting Schedule for June 2008
  2. WW Contract Bargaining Update
  3. Transit Staff Arbitration
  4. TEA Disclaims Transit Supervisors
  5. Announcements

1. June Meeting Schedule

June  4 Board Meeting, 12-1, KSC 4G
June 11 Board Meeting, 12-1, KSC 4G
June 12 WW Administrative Specialist Retreat
June 18 Monthly Meeting 12-1, 5 B/C
June 24 Grievance Committee

2. Wastewater Contract Bargaining Update

The TEA Wastewater Bargaining Team presented its opening contract proposal to the County of May 7.  The County bargaining team wanted time to review the TEA proposed changes, so they asked to cancel the subsequent May bargaining sessions.  There are 3 sessions scheduled for June (6/3, 6/10/ 6/17) to bargain the TEA proposals.  On a parallel time line, Job classification rewrites and data gathering for the salary survey are moving forward.
- Eric Davison

3. Transit Staff Contract Arbitration

The Transit Staff contract arbitration began at 1:30pm Monday, April 14th at the office of at the Summit Law Group.  TEA's presentation on classifications, comparable agencies and wage adjustments concluded on Thursday, April 17th, and the County's attorney began his presentation.  On Friday afternoon, the County requested more time to present their exhibits.  Arbitrator Michael Beck scheduled three additional dates to complete the arbitration: May 21, July 1&2.

The arbitration continued on May 21 and the County finished their presentation on wages.  The parties are scheduled to meet again on July 1 to argue non-wage contract issues.  The attorneys for both sides will then have 30 days to submit written briefs and the arbitrator will render his ruling within 30-60 days.  The ruling can not be appealed. Retro checks will be issued by the County within 30 days of the arbitrator's ruling.

Arbitration is a public hearing and TEA members welcome to attend as observers.  Seating for observers is limited to chairs around the perimeter of the conference room.  Anyone interested in attending on July 1 should do so.  Those planning to attend should coordinate the time away from their work group.
- Jerry Williams

4. TEA Disclaims Transit Supervisors

After careful review of the transcripts from the supervisor hearing on March 10 & 11, TEA decided to "disclaim" the Transit supervisor bargaining unit on May 20, 2008 which will allow them to vote on whether to join Local 117.

5. Announcements

The Administrative Specialists in Wastewater have a retreat scheduled for June 12th.  A TEA board member will also attend and TEA suggests, if possible, all admins should to attend to be informed and able to wisely address concerns or complaints over the WW Reorg and their job as it exists now.  If you have questions, please contact Board Members Terry Browne or John Phillips.

TEA Board

   Roger Browne, President
   Ade Franklin, Vice President
   Ken Madden, Secretary
   Terry Browne, Treasurer
   Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
   Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
   John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair