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October 13 2006


  1. Regular TEA Meeting Agenda for October 18th meeting
  2. October Meeting Schedule

Monthly TEA Meeting Agenda
(Wednesday October 18th, at noon in the 8th floor Conference Center)

  • Call to Order
  • Candidate’s Forum for Wastewater Bargaining Chair
  • Ballot Collection
  • Issues for the Good of the Order

The Vote

Next Wednesday, October 18th, 8th floor Conference Center in the King Street Center at noon. We will devote a half hour to a candidate’s forum for our two candidates, followed by collection of ballots for the remainder of the hour. Good of the order issues can be discussed while ballots are being cast.

What You Should Know About the Voting Process

Deliver ballots in person or by absentee, or you can bring a signed proxy form specifying the vote and exchange that for a ballot to be filled in at the meeting. The proxy or a copy of it will be collected by TEA. Candidate statements appear below.

Eric Davison

My history with TEA goes back to 1994 brown bag, planning sessions in the Exchange Building. I remember a 1996 trip to the PERC offices in Olympia with Ken Madden to deliver TEA signature cards. Since then I’ve filled the treasurer vacancy when Eric Mandel was elected president. I also participated on the Bargaining Committee and WTD Salary Survey Team for our first contract. My strongest qualifications for this position come out of experiences on the Salary Survey Team. I am very familiar with the issues relating to TEA, WTD job classifications, and their associated salaries. I also learned OHRM’s positions relating to these and other TEA issues. My most valuable knowledge was gained from sitting at the bargaining table with the same OHRM staff that is currently negotiating the TEA, WTD contract. I have developed an effective working relationship with that OHRM team and our current legal counsel. My plan is to complete bargaining on the contract currently in negotiation by building on the hard work put forward by Roger Browne and the remainder of the WTD Bargaining Team. I ask for your vote and offer my time and hard work to get this contract done.

Bill Wilbert

Dear Tea Members:
I would like to represent you as the Bargaining Chair delegate for TEA negotiations on the current contract. I have been active as a member of the Bargaining Committee and as an alternate Bargaining Team Member since TEA has been recognized. I worked on the first contract first hand and participated in the development of language for both the ratified contract and the current version of the contract that is being negotiated. I have seen much progress from when TEA first became recognized and I believe we are or can be very close to finalizing a second contract with the County.
My function in WTD is to negotiate complex contracts, regulatory permit requirements, and property acquisitions. In this work I negotiate with private citizens, attorneys, corporations and internally with our management. The skills I use in conflict resolution, problem solving, and the collaborative processes to successfully negotiate and execute agreements can be effectively applied to complete this current contract.
My goal is to complete this contract quickly, and begin discussions on the next contract so a favorable outcome can be anticipated and ratified before the expiration of the contract. I will objectively guide Legal Counsel, work collaboratively with the Bargaining Team, and actively solicit guidance and input from the Bargaining Committee. I will ask the Bargaining Committee to seek input from their workgroups in order to get the needs of the members understood so TEA can work with management to achieve a favorable contract.

Technical Review Committee

Peggy Leonard has put a lot of time into the Technical Review Committee but work has demanded more of her time. As a result, we need a new wastewater volunteer to attend those meetings on behalf of TEA. Please let any Board member know by whatever means if you are so inclined. The Board will duly consider the available pool and appoint a successor for Peggy. Peggy, TEA thanks you for all the hard work and for helping TEA and Management make King County Better.

Guest Corner

Editor’s note: This space is open to all and will contain opinion pieces submitted to the TEA Board.

A Different Union: We have heard about TEA that it is different than other unions, but that means something unique to each person.  My perspective is that TEA is different because it is local. We don’t pay dues to other unions and to national causes. As a result, we have somewhat less clout, but a lot more control. Members in TEA enjoy a high degree of access to their union officials. Because we strive for cooperation with management and share a common vision for serving the taxpayer well, we do things differently too. We examine grievances and forward only those we concur are violations. Other unions just forward them all. We engage in collaborative process to resolve issues and actively participate in improvement processes such as the Productivity Initiative. What do you think makes us different? Are we doing enough? Too confrontational? Or not nearly enough? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

October Meeting Schedule

October 18 Regular TEA Meeting (12:00 noon-1:000 p.m., 8th Floor Conference Center, Street Center)
October 20 Transit Mediation (all day)
October 24 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1, 4G)
October 30 Transit Mediation (all day)


Classified Ads

TEA members can post classified ads for free. Send classified ads to Diane Fjarlie, TEA Secretary, at (diane.fjarlie@metrokc.gov)

TEA Board

Roger Browne, President
Adé Franklin, Vice President
Diane Fjarlie, Secretary
Keven Sandquist, Treasurer
[Vacant] Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Dave Crippen, Transit Bargaining Chair
John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair