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February 6 2006

Candidate Forum Scheduled for Thurs., February 9 (12 noon in KSC 3D/3E) to Meet and Ask Questions of Candidates for TEA Vice President for Election at February 15 TEA Meeting

TEA now has a vacancy in the Vice President officer position with the election of Roger Browne to Wastewater Bargaining Chair.  To ensure that members get information about the candidates, a special Candidate Forum, moderated by Liz Krenzel (Transit TEA member), will be held this Thursday, Feb.  9th, at noon in KSC 3D/3E.  Candidate statements also appear below.

TEA Bylaws (Article VI, Section C, l) state that "When any other Board office becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, promotion, attrition, or recall, a successor for the remainder of the current year will be elected by a majority vote of those Full Members present at the next Regular Meeting after the date the office is vacated." A vote will occur at the February TEA regular member meeting on February 15th.

The Nominations Committee presents the following list of candidates (in alphabetical order) to fill the vacated Vice President position (to expire September 2006). 

  • Ade Franklin
  • Susan McDonald-Wright

Candidate statements follow:

Ade Franklin

Greetings and I hope this message finds you well.  My name is Ade Franklin and I am asking for you to vote for me as the next Vice President of TEA.

I have been a part of TEA since the beginning - when we were trying to grasp the idea that as professionals we needed to organize.  I was an active participant in the team that negotiated our initial contract.  And while I have not been to every meeting over the past ten or so years, I believe that my attendance is regular and most would consider me an active member of TEA.  I am participating in current contract negotiations as a committee member and an alternate.

I have been working for Metro/KC for almost 14 years.  In some ways, I have grown up in this organization.  I have worked in Engineering as a CAD designer; the Construction Management office as a construction inspector; the Facilities Inspection group as a facilities inspector; and the Implementation group as a project manager.  I am currently the Project Coordinator for the Offsite Facilities.

I believe in direct communication, listening and the rights of employees.  I believe that my time and involvement in TEA and work experience in the organization gives me some insight into the interest of many members.  I will use that insight when voting as a board member and as chair of the grievance committee.  And for these reasons, I ask for your vote.  Thank you for you time. 

Susan McDonald-Wright

I have worked for King County for the past 17 years; four of those years have been with WTD as the Contracts Coordinator.

If elected Vice-President I will work as a member of the Executive Board for the benefit of all the TEA members.  As Vice-President one of my primary responsibilities will be chairing the Grievance Committee.  I agreed to be nominated because I believe in the integrity of the system.  I will work to maintain the credibility and integrity of the committee, the process, and that all TEA members are represented with fairness and equity.  As a veteran member of the Grievance Committee I have worked to ensure that grievances and violations having merit are heard. 

Healthy Incentive Plan Update

Members heard and asked questions about the status of TEA negotiations regarding future medical benefits.  Again, the Bargaining Teams stress that your concerns are foremost in mind as we conclude our negotiations on this.  No TEA member is in jeopardy of losing benefits or the ability to earn a "Gold" level once an agreement on benefits is reached.  You will hear more shortly so please be patient! We are doing due diligence to ensure that all privacy and other concerns are adequately covered.

To clarify some points of confusion: When members are told they are now on the Healthy Incentive Program, they will have some time (as yet unspecified) to fill out the Wellness Assessment.  This is the first of two steps in earning the "Gold".  You are NOT required to answer every question on the Assessment - fill out as much as you are comfortable with.  More specific info you provide will help tailor any recommendations for wellness provided to you, but it is not necessary to answer every question to have considered it completed.  Further, should you be rated as a "moderate" or "high" risk - which does not impact your ability to earn "Gold" - you will need to accept at least three calls from a health coach.  While you will be strongly encouraged to successfully complete an action of your choosing, it is NOT a requirement for earning "Gold" level.

Eric Mandel, President

February Meeting Schedule (All meetings held at King Street Center unless noted.)

(All meetings held at King Street Center unless noted.)

Feb.  6 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Feb.  7 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1.  4G)
Feb.  8 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
Feb.  8 Transit Negotiations (1:30-4:30)
Feb.  9 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Feb.  9 SPECIAL TEA MEETING / CANDIDATE FORUM (12-1, 3D/3E.  Introduce/ask question of candidates filling vacant Vice President Board Position)
Feb. 13 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Feb. 14 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Feb. 15 TEA Regular Meeting (12-1, 8th Floor Conf.  Rm.)
Feb. 16 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Feb. 21 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Feb. 22 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
Feb. 23 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Feb. 27 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Feb. 28 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)