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January 17 2006

TEA Monthly Member Meeting Wed.  Jan 18th

(12-1, Chinook/King Conf. Rm, 6th floor)

All members are invited to our regular monthly meetings, which traditionally occur at noon on the third Wednesday of each month.  This month expect to hear updates on the Wastewater and Transit negotiations, and a discussion about the Healthy Incentives medical program and TEA members' status in regards to it.  We will (as always) take questions from you, so please join us!

Update on Medical Benefits:

TEA members are getting information about the Healthy Incentives Plan, and have questions about what their benefit plans are or will be.  To clarify: both Transit and WW TEA members currently remain on existing benefit plans while the new benefit plan is being negotiated in all bargaining units.  You should NOT have gotten an envelope at this time asking you to begin filling out the health survey, and you are not required to (and should not) fill it out at this time.  (An exception would be those who are married or partnered with a non-TEA County employee, in which case you are being asked to respond to the survey to fulfill your partner's requirements to obtain Gold status.)

Assuming that TEA members will at some point be moved into the Healthy Incentives program, either in negotiations as part of a full contract, or separately as a memorandum of agreement, the TEA Bargaining Teams do encourage you to continue to attend Healthy Incentive information sessions and ask questions there, or directed to the Bargaining Teams so you can stay informed.  Note this is also an item for discussion at the monthly meeting.  Until you hear otherwise, you are not expected to fill out the health questionnaire survey at this time.  TEA will provide direction as to when (and how) this may occur in the near future.

Donation of Sick or Vacation Leave or Monetary Assistance Requested

The following TEA employees are in need of donated sick/vacation leave or monetary assistance.  One of our benefits is the ability to donate up to 25 hours per year to ANY employee – and many of you have large sick leave balances that could really help, so please consider it, it would be greatly appreciated!  If you are interested in helping these individuals, please check with your work groups' administrative staff.

  • Cindy Haueisen (WW) is out of sick leave and will soon be out of vacation leave.  She is out right now due to an injury she received in a car accident. 
  • Linda Anderson (Transit): As many of you know, Linda Anderson's daughter, Mari was severely injured in a tragic automobile accident involving a drunk driver last fall.  As Mari recovers from her brain and other injuries, she is undergoing extensive rehabilitation and may also require additional surgery.  With all of the mounting medical bills, prescriptions and attorney fees, the need for monetary assistance is great, in addition to donated sick or vacation leave.  There is an account at Washington Mutual (Mari Anderson, A/C# 1814433875) to accept donations for Mari's future medical needs. 
  • Robin Robinson (WW): is out recovering from surgery for 4-6 weeks. 
  • Laurie McCray (WW): has had ongoing family and medical issues that depleted her sick leave. 
  • Eileen D'Amelio (WW) is currently out on FMLA leave and is asking for sick leave and/or vacation leave donations to carry her through until she is able to return to work, which hopefully will be in January.

Final Call for Nominees for Board Position of Vice President

With the election of Roger Browne to Wastewater Bargaining Chair, a vacancy has been created for the elected office of Vice President.  The primary duties of this position are to chair the Grievance Committee and to attend Board meetings as a voting member.  In addition, this person would be authorized to act in the absence of the TEA President.  Please submit your nominations to the Nominating Committee members Eric Mandel, Gary Ikeda, Ken Madden, and Lee Miller ASAP.  Thanks!

Reminder for Wastewater members on reclass decisions:

Wastewater members recently reclassified as a consequence of the wage settlement have until January 27th to submit their appeals!  Instructions were sent out previously on how to do so; if you need assistance or would like a review or advice on your appeal please first contact Roger Browne as Bargaining Chair.  We are still awaiting clarification for those positions that previously were non-exempt under FLSA law but have been notified they are now exempt.  Stay tuned for an update.

January, 2006 Meeting Schedule

(All meetings held at King Street Center unless noted.)

Jan. 17 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Jan. 18 TEA Regular Meeting (12-1, Chinook/King Conf.  Rm, 6th floor)
Jan. 19 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Jan. 23 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Jan. 24 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)
Jan. 25 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)
Jan. 26 WTD Negotiations (9-12)
Jan. 30 WTD Bargaining Committee (12-1)
Jan. 31 Transit Bargaining Committee (12-1 pm, 4G)


Classified Ads (TEA members can post classified ads for free.
Send classified ads to Patty Overby, TEA Secretary <patty.overby@metrokc.gov>
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TEA Board

Eric Mandel, President Patty Overby, Secretary Keven Sandquist, Treasurer Roger Browne, Wastewater Bargaining Chair Dave Crippen, Transit Bargaining Chair John Phillips, Council of Representatives Chair