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February 11, 2003

Contract Negotiations Update/Wastewater TEA Employees Vote on County's Medical Benefits Proposal

The February 19 Monthly TEA meeting will focus on wastewater contract negotiations. The majority of time will be focused on discussion (pros and cons) and vote by Wastewater TEA Members on the County's medical benefits proposal. Plan to attend this meeting, or if you are unable to attend, you can have your vote cast by proxy.

To vote by proxy, obtain a copy from either your work group representative or from Patty Overby, TEA Secretary. Fill out the form, date and sign it, and file it with Patty prior to the February 19 meeting.

Your work group representative will have a copy of the County's proposed Memorandum of Understanding laying out details for your review on February 13.

REMINDER: If you work in the Wastewater Treatment Division, TEA recommends that you complete the electronic open enrollment forms by February 14th as requested by King County.

Feb. Meeting Schedule

Feb. 12 Council of Reps. Meeting (Elliott Bay Bookstore Café), 12-1pm
Feb. 18 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
Feb. 19  TEA Monthly Meeting, 12-1pm, Elliott Bay Bookstore Café
Feb. 20(Water)Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Feb. 21(Water)Contract Mediation Session, 10-4pm
Feb. 24Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Feb. 25 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
Feb. 28(Transit)Contract Mediation Session, 9-4