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  • Monthly Meeting
  • Call for Leave Donation
  • WW Bargaining Update
  • Council of Representatives Update
  • Transit Bargaining Update
  • President's Message

Monthly Meeting

The January TEA Monthly Meeting is Wednesday 1/15 at King Street Center, 5th Floor, Cloaca Maxima Room, from noon to 1.  Hope to see you there.

Want to call into the meeting from a remote site? Join by phone.                      

Conference ID: 534484

Beyond our bargaining updates, we will be socializing our new TEA Website

Leave Donations

Naphaphone Khamphoukeo, WW Designer, continues to need help in the form of leave time donations. Please contribute of at all possible to help ease the financial worry of being off work for a major medical problem.

Below is the form that is used for leave donations or search the King County Benefits Page.  Please give the form to your payroll administrator.

Council of Representatives

If you are a Representative for your unit or thinking of participating in the TEA union in this capacity, Velma Valdez is holding a Council of Representatives meeting on January 21, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the KSC 8th Floor Conference Room.  Please attend if possible or Skype into the meeting.

Join by Skype by calling: - Conference ID: 8388038

WW Bargaining Update

The WW Bargaining Committee met on December 11, 2019 to begin preparing for negotiating the next Collective Bargaining Agreement.  In order to start bargaining in 2020, TEA members should send the Bargaining Committee issues for bargaining by March 16, 2020. 

The Committee is also developing a comparison of Collective Bargaining Agreements, some in the Coalition Master Labor Agreement and some not, to inform our bargaining strategy.

Please send your concerns and questions to:

Mark Slepski, TEA WW Bargaining Chair

Alton Gaskill, TEA President

Transit Bargaining Update

Transit Bargaining Team is scheduled to meet with the County and its negotiators on Thursday, January 16 for further negotiations on wages and medical coverage.

Jennifer Ash

TEA Transit Bargaining Chair.

President’s Message – the importance of dues

Unions work every day to preserve high wages, medical benefits, safe working conditions, job security, fairness and equity for its members.  TEA also strives for transparency, inclusion, and equity for all its member. It is a privilege for those who labor for a living wage to have the right to receive the benefits of union representation.  In turn, TEA needs to collect dues from members to stay financially viable, paying for legal counsel and other expenses. 

Unfortunately, many of our TEA members received an anti-union flyer in their home mailbox essentially urging them to give themselves a raise this Christmas by opting out of union dues. I was approached by TEA members who were shocked that such an organization had obtained their home addresses and pitched this sad message.  The TEA members also reaffirmed their strong support for TEA. 

Your dues contributions are critically important to TEA.  TEA only receives a small net gain over expenses for those members in the higher side of the income scale – approx. > $85k/yr. TEA absorbs a net loss for those dues paying members at the lower side of the pay scale- <$85k/yr. Our dues rate of 0.5% of hourly wage is equitable and very low compared to other unions and is balanced to keep TEA in a roughly neutral cash flow position.  A single member who pays $0.00 dues can have a very negative impact on the net contributions of many dues paying members. Non-dues paying members do not receive individual union protection for employment issues specific to them.  They are still in the bargaining unit though and do receive the contract benefit of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The TEA Board is working extra hard this month to contact its members who are recent hires or otherwise not signed up for automatic dues deductions. New employees need to affirmatively “opt-in” to paying dues.  If you are contacted about paying dues by a TEA Board member, please “opt in” to support TEA by signing a dues card for automatic deductions. 

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

Alton Gaskill

TEA President

TEA Board

Alton Gaskill, President
Michael Sands, Vice President
JR Meksavanh, Secretary
Celeste Bryant, Treasurer
Mark Slepski, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Jennifer Ash, Transit Bargaining Chair
Velma Valdez, Council of Representatives Chair

Contact Info
Technical Employees Association
PO Box 4353
Seattle, WA 98194

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