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TEA Times

For the past 3 1/2 years, it has been TEA’s argument that PERC, King County and Local 17 were wrong to assume that we belonged in IFPTE 17. They do not represent us; they have never made an effort to represent us; they should not represent us; and they should not interfere when we choose to represent ourselves.

In Olympia last Friday, Judge Gary Tabor agreed.

  1. Judge Tabor ruled that PERC’s dismissal of our petition was not supported by any documentation. The judge found no supporting documents in the court records to justify PERC’s action.
  2. After reviewing all the evidence, the judge ruled that there was no documentation to even support Local 17’s claim that they are “certified” by PERC to represent anyone outside the original certified group of employees in the Parks Department.
  3. The judge also said that when he looked at the record, he found evidence of “substantial predjudice” against TEA

TEA has ordered a copy of the court transcripts for all of us to see the record. Please read it. Our attorney, Jim Cline, did a fantastic job. The record speaks volumes.

The official court transcripts will cost several hundred dollars for a certified copy. We will make subsequent copies available. All of this takes resources. If you are on the fence about contributing, now would be a good time to help. We are asking for $10/month; either every month or any other arrangement that you prefer. The interim TEA Treasurer is Ken Madden. The books are open for your review. Give him a call.