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TEA Times

TEA Returns!!
Thanks to the efforts of Severne Johnson, Wyatt Wood and Jim Cline, we have finally secured our original corporate name: TECHNICAL EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, from the Secretary of Stateís office. Despite the malicious (and fruitless) efforts by Local 17ís business manager, Ray Goforth, we have WON the battle for the name!! It is hard to believe that Local 17 members would allow their dues money to be used for such petty things like stealing our name; but, then again, Local 17 members donít have a choice or control over how their money is spent by the unionís paid cronies.

TEA Offers Choice
Choice is what TEA is all about. The right to choose. The right to choose who best represents our interests. TEA offers all of us local control, direct representation, lower dues, Metro seniority, open communications and freedom from legal cronies who are paid to milk our paychecks. TEA has kept Local 17 at bay for over three years. Not a small feat. A lot of volunteer effort is needed to keep TEA functioning. In addition, periodic expenses are incurred and funds will be needed for the upcoming legal action with PERC in June. TEA needs your support to succeed. Join us at our strategy meetings during lunch on pay-week Tuesdays. And help us meet our obligations by donating at least $10/mo, or more if you can. Make checks payable to TEA. We are all in this together!!

Upcoming TEA Actions
On April 26th, TEA representatives will attend a King County Labor Summit chaired by Councilman Pullenís office. This is an annual public meeting coordinated by the Council-of-the-Whole and all represented bargaining units are invited. TEA has petitioned the Council to be part of the Summit meeting. The purpose of TEAís involvement is to urge other labor groups to pressure Local 17 and OHRM to back-off their opposition to TEA, to quit fighting us in court, and spending taxpayer and union resources to do so.

3rd Annual TEA Anniversary Party
The 3rd anniversary and annual meeting of TEA was held on March 3, 1999 at the Seattle Public Library Auditorium. The meeting was a great success, despite the inclement weather. Jim Cline provided an informative overview of the legal milestones to date and answered dozens of questions from members. It is clear that 1999 will be an active year for the legal team. The next significant legal action with PERC is scheduled for June.

TEA Changes
As you know, Judy Raemer has left King County for the private sector. Judy was a highly valued member and officer in TEA, donating her time, talent and money toward the cause of fair representation for all of us. We wish her all the best in her new career, but we will miss her greatly. With her departure, TEA has assigned Ken Madden as interim Treasurer. Any questions regarding the financial status of TEA should be addressed to him.