December 3, 1998


Persistence, not education or intelligence or anything else, will result in success!


TEA has completed the process for reinstatement as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Washington.

The corporate officers are Wyatt Wood, Elizabeth Krenzel, Severne Johnson and Judy Raemer.

The Board of Directors consists of the officers plus Sally Turner and Doug Robertson. These officers and board members volunteered to fill these slots on an interim basis. Once we are allowed a vote by PERC for representation and when TEA is granted recognition to represent it’s membership, an election will be held for us to choose these same, or new, officers and directors.


Keep in mind what TEA has done already:


A few new faces showed up at our last TEA meeting showing interest and support and participation - a great big THANK YOU.


GOT QUESTIONS OR IDEAS? WILLING TO HELP? Contact (but not by e-mail) any of our interim officers or board members.
Thank you.