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July 3 2008

  1. TEA Meeting Schedule for July 2008
  2. Transit Staff Arbitration
  3. Nominating Committee - Call for Volunteers
  4. Announcements
  5. Advertisements

1. July Meeting Schedule

  July  9 - Board Meeting, 12-1, KSC 4G
  July 16 - Monthly Membership Meeting, 12-1, 8th Flr Conf Center, KSC
  July 22 - Grievance Committee

2. Transit Staff Contract Arbitration

Arbitration was completed on July 1, a day earlier than previously announced.  Both sides agreed to submit their written briefs to the arbitrator by August 22, 2008.

3. Nominating Committee Volunteers Needed

TEA elections for the Board of Officers are held each year at the Annual Meeting in September.  The Bylaws call for the Board to form a Nominating Committee of at least 3 members whose role is to help identify potential candidates for Board positions.  The TEA president chairs the Nominating Committee.

If you would like to serve on this year's Nominating Committee or know someone who you think should be on the Committee, please contact any Board member.  Remember, the best way to keep from becoming a Candidate is to be on the Nominating Committee!

4. Announcements

MERRA is offering reduced-rate tickets to Wild Waves ($25 as opposed to $37.50) and Movies at several theaters.  Please contact a MERRA representative to purchase tickets.  For more information, call Faye Smith at 263-5280.

5. Advertisements

TEA members can post classified ads for free.
Send classified ads to TEA Secretary Ken Madden <>

TEA Board

   Roger Browne, President
   Adé Franklin, Vice President
   Ken Madden, Secretary
   Terry Browne, Treasurer
   Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
   Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
   John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair