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March 3 2008


  1. March Meeting Schedule
  2. Special Meeting for Transit
  3. Public Hearing on Transit Supervisors
  4. Advertisements

1. March Meeting Schedule

  March  5 - Board Meeting, 12-1, KSC 4G
  March  6 - Special Meeting for Transit Staff, 12-1, KSC 3D&E
  March 10 - Public Meeting regarding Transit Supervisors , 9:30, KSC 8J
  March 12 - Board Meeting, 12-1, KSC 4G
  March 19 - Monthly Meeting 12-1, 5 B/C
  March 25 - Grievance Committee

2. March 6th Special Meeting for Transit Members

Transit members are encouraged to attend a Special Meeting on Thursday, March 6th at noon in room 3D&E to discuss the following topics:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by TEA and King County
  • Wage comps for Interest Arbitration (scheduled for April 14-18)
  • Representation proposal from the Teamsters
  • Other Union Options

Bring your questions and share your suggestions for the best way to reach an equitable Transit contract and secure the release of our retroactive pay.  Arbitration prep includes wage comparisons from Consultants, the Port of Seattle, Sound Transit, City of Seattle and the City of Bellevue.  The Arbitration hearing is scheduled for the week of April 14th at an office location close to the King Street Center.  The hearing will be open to all TEA members to observe.

3. March 10th Public Hearing on the Transit Supervisors

TEA members are encouraged to attend a Public Hearing regarding the Transit Supervisors proposal to join the Teamsters.  The hearing is scheduled for Monday March 10th at 9:30 if room 8J of the KSC. 

4. Advertisements

TEA members can post classified ads for free.
Send classified ads to the TEA Secretary, ken.madden@metrokc.gov

TEA Board

   Roger Browne, President
   Ade Franklin, Vice President
   Ken Madden, Secretary
   Terry Browne, Treasurer
   Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
   Jerry Williams, Transit Bargaining Chair
   John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair