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February 25 2008

Special Edition
Wastewater Contract Bargaining Unit Members

The WW Bargaining Team held its first Bargaining Session with the County on February 21, 2008.  The County and TEA have agreed to jointly perform both job classification rewrites and a salary study.  We established June 30, 2008 as a common goal to reach contract agreement.  The TEA Wastewater Bargaining Team agreed to present its opening bargaining position at the next meeting on March 18, 2008.

To that end, The Bargaining Team requests that members review the following list, which has been updated and is being presented for your prioritization. Issues number 1 to 4 will certainly be part of our bargaining position.  Your input is needed on items 5 - 31.  Please select any five (5) of the other issues listed (5 - 31) and indicate your prioritization with 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important.  Please send your responses to Eric Davison by the end of business Tuesday March 4, 2008. 

Eric Davison, WW Unit Bargaining Chair

BARGAINING ISSUES {7/08-6/11 WW Contract (s)}

Note: (new) indicates issues not previously discussed at the bargaining table.

  1. Classification rewrites (Feb-April rewrite, May TEA review, June Human Resources Department (HRD) adoption) (new)
  2. Salary Study (Admin reopener & Supervisor - Management Study) (Feb-April data gathering, May match comparable to new classifications, June bargain salaries) (new)
  3. Management Study effects on Supervisor Salaries (new)
  4. Certification updates - Apply 21.62 $50.00/$100.00 logic to all professional certification/license (new)

  6. Modify COLA formula/index (new)
  7. Advertise acting and lead positions prior to appointments (new)
  8. Contract Implementation Time Table clause (new)
  9. CASH OUT - vacation leave (VL) over 480 hours (yearly) (#8,9,10 alternatives)
  10. CASH OUT - sick leave (SL) on separation
  11. CASH OUT - Convert SL greater than 100 hrs to VL up to a maximum of 120 hours
  12. Allow use of VL for SL with no restrictions (new)
  13. Extend or remove expiration of donated leave (currently a reopener)
  14. Standby time
  15. Non-exempt vacation bonus similar to executive leave
  16. Night time pay differential & "on call" pay
  17. Release time definition modification (County management not required to attend)
  18. Replace merit pay with longevity pay or 5% maximum (per Personnel Guidelines)
  19. Strengthen "Contracting Out" provisions
  20. Transit Pass on retirement
  21. Term Limited Temporary (TLT)'s rehired within 6 months have SL Balance restored
  22. Change STAFF CONTRACT to reflect Supervisor language change in (Article 3)
  23. Modify Article 6.3A: remove "up to 8 hours" replace with "shall receive 8 hours".
  24. TLT pay advancement through the pay range should be equal (2 steps yearly) to other TEA represented positions.
  25. HEALTH INSURANCE UPON RETIREMENT: State of Washington contributes $164 per month per employee & employees can remain with Washington State sponsored Plans after age 65.
  26. Define limits on periods of "extra hours" worked by exempt employees before "working out of class" begins.
  27. Contract definition of how much extra time worked by exempt employees becomes one day of executive leave.
  28. Must an employee pass a certification test before they qualify for reimbursement?
  29. Allow nonexempt employees (Admins) to substitute alternate work time for partial day medical appointments.
  30. Post TEA job openings on WW Intranet site for increased notification to TEA members.
  31. Contract definition for job filling process in the TEA Wastewater Units' contracts.
  32. Allow nonexempt employees (Admins/CMs) to substitute alternate work time for partial day medical appointments.