Dates of interest in February:

Feb  6 - Transit Committee Bargaining Team
Feb 12 - Candidate Forum. 12-1pm, 8th floor, KSC at Council of Reps mtg
Feb 12 - Wastewater Bargaining/mediation (and the 16th, & 22nd)
Feb 21 (Wednesday) - Monthly meeting & Vote for Secretary
            Regular meetings the first two Wednesdays of each month, Room 4G

Financial Plan

In April 2006, TEA members voted to raise our dues as described in the TEA Financial Plan 2006 (The Plan) from 0.4% to 0.5% of our hourly wage rate.  The increase was requested to quickly build an operating bank balance and create reserves for specific purposes.  The recent vote reverts the rate to 0.4% of your salary, with 129 voting to decrease and 45 voting to maintain dues at the higher rate.

Secretary vacancy

Nominations are now closed.  A special election will be conducted per the newly revised bylaws at the monthly meeting February 21.  We will have a candidates forum on 2/12 to give you a chance to hear from the candidates and ask questions before you vote.  Nominated are Ken Madden, Alton Gaskill and Rita Ritter.  Below, you can read their candidate statements.  Be sure to vote!

Candidate Statement for Ken Madden

Thank you for taking the time to read each of the candidate statements and for participating in the election process.  The success of TEA depends on active members, dedicated volunteers and sound business practices.  Our participation in the election process and administrative duties is an indication of the strength of our professional labor association.

I've been an active member of TEA since 1997 when the impact of the Metro-King County merger and Class/Comp project became clear.  I was elected TEA Treasure in 1999 and again in 2001 and then elected President in 2002.  I served as President until Sept 2004 when I stepped aside in order to serve on the Board of another non-profit corporation.  I have recently fulfilled that commitment.

The role of the TEA Secretary is complex and requires a clear understanding of TEA'ss many responsibilities to its members, particularly in the areas of communications (TEA Times, email notices and bulletins), official recordkeeping (the Secretary maintains TEA's official files and records), elections management (the Secretary designs the forms and manages the election process), creating accurate meeting summaries, and participating with the TEA Executive Board.  My prior participation as a Board member make me uniquely qualified to fulfill these job duties.

In 1980 I earned my Civil Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech and worked for the EPA Construction Grants program until 1985.  From 1985-1989, I worked for two consulting firms, KCM and Brown & Caldwell.  I joined Metro's Water Pollution Control Department in 1989.  Following the merger with King County, I worked for the Wastewater Treatment Division until 2003.  In 2003, I accepted a Project Management position with Metro's Transit Design and Construction Section.  While working at Metro, I earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration at the University of Washington in 1996.  I'm also a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of Washington.

I will bring to the position of Secretary a unique understanding of all the TEA bargaining units because of my role in the formation of TEA and the fact that I've worked in both Wastewater and Transit.  I am very familiar with the membership and the various work groups within TEA, both “downtown” and at the Satellite Offices.  I look forward to applying this knowledge to the duties of the TEA Secretary to improve the service that TEA provides to its members.

Thanks for your support.

Candidate Statement for Alton Gaskill

Greetings TEA Members

My name is Alton Gaskill and I am asking for your vote for the TEA secretary position on February 21st.  I have worked for King County for eight years negotiating real property transactions and complex permitting for capital and asset management projects.  I am an active member of the Washington State Bar Association, have professional certificate in Urban Planning and Community Development from the U of W, and a Senior Member designation from the International Right-of-Way Association.

I have been involved in the TEA Bargaining Committee for several years and have worked extensively on the real property agent series wage surveys.  I am currently on the Counsel of Representative for the WTD Real Property Agents, and would like to be more involved with TEA.

TEA is very important in protecting its members' wages and working conditions.  The vitality of TEA depends on providing its members opportunities to participate and avenues to express their concerns.  I can offer my experience and training in collaborative negotiations, legal background and sixteen year experience in City of Seattle and County government.

As TEA Secretary, I would like to promote the following:

Candidate Statement for Rita Ritter

Hello to all my fellow TEA members:

My name is Rita Ritter and I work on the Transit side as a Management Analyst.  A fancy term for a number cruncher and I have spent much of my time slicing/dicing, preparing and otherwise analyzing our operating and capital budgets.  Prior to that I worked as a Project Control Engineer in Transit and was in involved in contract administration. 

I decided to run for Secretary and to ask for your vote because I believe that it is necessary to the spirit of the Association to bring new faces into leadership roles and also to keep Transit as a vital part of the Association.  The Association’s lifeblood is participant activity and without new input any group may find itself withering and dying. 

I have a BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado and earned an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Portland State University.  I am a certified paralegal.  Upon moving to Seattle I worked as the Accounting Manager for the Pacific Science Center and the Pike Place Market.  I have also worked as an accountant in private industry.  I bring management and financial/accounting experience from the non-profit, private and government worlds to the table.

My interests are to:

Thank you for time.  And please vote.

Healthy Incentives survey

The date for completing the Wellness Assessment is February 12.  The flu shot questions were made optional, so on the last page of the survey you must answer time, day and phone number for contact only.  Be sure to let Benefits know if your spouse did not get invited to take the survey. (684-1556)


Leave Donations requested are requested for:

Kathy Mathena

Job Announcements you might be interested in:

Resident Engineer (Construction Management IV) Job# 07AB6440

Department of Transportation - Transit Division

$27.24 - $38.38 Hourly (2004 Rates) - Closes: 2/7/07

TEA Board

Roger Browne, President
Adé Franklin, Vice President
(Vacant), Secretary
Keven Sandquist, Treasurer
Eric Davison, Wastewater Bargaining Chair
Dave Crippen, Transit Bargaining Chair
John Phillips, Council of Reps. Chair