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June 20, 2006        < www.teaseattle.org >  


  1. Regular TEA Meeting Agenda for June 21 meeting
  2. Status of Negotiations
  3. Wastewater Productivity Incentive Fund usage
  4. Donation of Sick/Vacation Leave Requested
  5. June/July Meeting Schedule

Monthly TEA Meeting Agenda (Wed., June 21, noon 8th floor KSC)

  1. Call to Order
  2. WW Productivity Incentive Fund use (feedback)
  3. Treasurer's Report
  4. Update on Transit & Wastewater Negotiations
  5. Update on Grievances
  6. Issues for the Good of the Order

Status of Negotiations

Wastewater - A mediator from the state PERC (Public Employment Relations Commission) has been assigned, and the County and TEA are scheduling mediation dates for this coming month.  An additional complicating factor is the fact that our current lead negotiator, Chris Casillas (of Cline & Associates, TEA's legal representatives) is leaving the firm to pursue an academic career.  We are awaiting a better understanding of how the transition will occur.

Transit - The first mediation session (again with a PERC mediator) is scheduled for June 29th.  The Transit Bargaining Team has asked our legal counsel to prepare a financial analysis and response to the County “what-if” proposal.  Further details on both of these will be shared at the member meeting.

Wastewater Productivity Incentive Fund usage

In the last TEA Times, we noted that at both the last general member meeting and past several Council of Representative meetings feedback was solicited on policy for using the Incentive Fund.  The discussion will continue at the June member meeting.  Additionally, two of our TEA representatives on the Incentive Fund committee have asked to note the following. 

Brian Duncan, one of three TEA representatives on the IF committee (along with Mark Lucas and Leon Maday) wishes to clarify the reference in the June 1 IF committee meeting minutes that indicated TEA support for certain spending proposals as follows:  

“While I am personally supportive of the proposal to fund refreshments for productivity-enhancing WTD employee workshops/conferences, and of the proposal for funding of travel/training expenses from the incentive fund money for productivity enhancing purposes, I was not representing a TEA consensus view or opinion based on any TEA vote.  Clearly there are differing opinions within TEA, with many adamantly opposed to these proposals, while many others support these proposals.  We TEA reps would like to hear from TEA members on these issues, so that we can go back to the IF committee and with a “sense” of the main threads of opinion within the membership.  Ultimately we do have to vote on these proposals, so the more discussions we have with the TEA membership, the more reflective of overall TEA opinion we can be.  Thanks to those folks who have recently expressed their opinions via the now forbidden ZZ group emails, and to those who have already communicated with me.  How about the rest of you? Please send emails or call Brian Duncan, Leon Maday, or Mark Lucas.  Thank you.” 

Leon Maday adds:

“I believe the issue is the Incentive Program is not an everlasting program.   I believe if we do not show our commitment to the program in more than determining the savings and how big our check is at the end of the year, then I believe the arguments will end because the program will be terminated by upper management.  I believe we need to, as Brian stated quite well, try to educate and be heard on why this is important and sometimes, does not seem logical. 
This will be difficult. In my opinion, it cannot be done in one meeting because the members decisions were not formulated in one meeting.  I would recommend we discuss it but then table it at the Incentive Fund meeting and work on the member education part and put forth to the members what the program is about and ask for other ideas.  I know I personally was very much in the dark a few years ago of the program and I am certain there are members who only think of it as a right to a paycheck.  If I am off base, I would certainly like to hear from y'all.  Please be honest, I can handle it.”

The TEA Executive Board again thanks Brian, Mark, and Leon for their hard work on our behalf.  As you can see, they very much are interested in both informing and listening to the membership.  Please come and give your input and engage in this discussion with them! 

Donation of Sick or Vacation Leave Requested

The following TEA employees are in need of donated sick or vacation leave. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping these individuals, please check with your work groups' administrative staff: 

Victoria Beach (Transit): is unable to continue working at Metro due to ongoing medical complications. She has applied for disability which is a lengthy process of review and acceptance/denial.  She will be out of leave this week and without income after the June 29th paycheck, and therefore, without unemployment benefits. 

June/July Meeting Schedule

June 21 Regular TEA Meeting (12-1:30 pm, 8h floor Conference Center, King Street Center)

June 22 TR Bargaining Team (10-12, Cline's office)

June 28 Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)

June 29 TR Mediation Session (all day)  


July 5  Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G)

July 6  TR Mediation Session (all day)

July 7  TR Mediation Session (all day)

July 11  TR Bargaining Team (12-1, 4G)

July 12  Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G) 

July 18 TR  Bargaining Team (12-1, 4G)

July 19 Regular TEA Meeting (12-1:30 pm, King-Chinook Conference Rooms, 6th floor Conference, King Street Center)

July 25  TR Bargaining Team (12-1, 4G)

July 26  Board Business Meeting (12-1, 4G) 


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