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October 14 2004

October Meeting Schedule

October 19 Board Business Meeting (12-1pm, 5F)
October 20 TEA Regular Meeting (12-1pm, Elliott Bay Cafť)
October 21 Labor Contract Training by Jim Cline on Just Cause Discipline (12-1pm; KSC 2A&B). Everyone is encouraged to attend this brown bag training.
October 26 Board Business Meeting (12-1pm, 5F)
October 29 Labor Contract Training by Jim Cline on Responsibilities of Labor Organizations (12-1pm; KSC 2A&B). Everyone is encouraged to attend this brown bag training.

Regular Meeting Agenda (Wed., Oct. 20)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Treasurer's Report/Position
  3. Status of WW Contract Implementation Items (dues cards, Executive Leave for exempt employees, pay for licenses/certificates, etc.)
  4. Transit Arbitration Update
  5. Issues for the Good of the Order

* * *Wastewater TEA Dues Cards Overdue* * *

If you are a TEA Wastewater employee and have not filled out your dues card (unless you earlier submitted one for voluntary payment of dues) need to do so immediately and turn in to Patty Overby, TEA Secretary.

These cards are necessary to authorize Payroll to start deducting union dues, which is a mandatory part of the WW contract.

Commencement date to be filled out on the card should be October 1st.  Please get these in – the contract required these within 30 days of the contract start date of September 2nd, and a reminder was sent in the Special Edition of the TEA Times almost three weeks ago.

Failure to comply will result in a final reminder and the start of action for dismissal, which of course we hope never to have to do! (As of this writing, all but 60 WW members have already turned in their cards — thanks!)

Wastewater members: Do You Believe You Should Be Reclassified?

If you believe that you should be reclassified to another job classification, please submit the following information to Roger Browne via email by Friday, October 22, 2004:

  • Your name
  • Current job classification
  • Section and Work Unit
  • Supervisor
  • Proposed classification

Roger Browne is preparing a list of potential employees for Human Resources.  You will also need to complete a PDQ to start the reclass process.  However, since the PDQ will be used as part of the justification for a reclass, you should fill one out if you believe you are eligible, submitting it to Roger.  You are encouraged to do so as soon as you can reasonably complete it, as the retroactivity issue is still not clear but would be assured no later than submittal date.  (Refer to information included in the 9/9/04 TEA Times).

WTD Productivity Incentive Fund

TEA is allowed three representatives on the WTD Productivity Incentive Fund Committee.  Roger Browne, Mark Lucas and Leon Maday were our current members.  Roger is stepping down, and we would like to thank Roger for serving as TEA representative over the past several years.  The Committee has a goal of less than 30% turnover per year and to have Committee membership changes occur in the fall.

There is now one vacant position that needs to be filled on this Committee.  Any TEA member in WTD who is interested in representing TEA on the Productivity Incentive Fund Committee should indicate their level of interest in a reply to Eric Mandel.  Roger, Mark and Leon are also happy to talk to interested parties to clarify what is involved.  Itís not a huge commitment but directly benefits you and all our Wastewater members Ė after all, few processes end up directly paying out bonus money!

WW Retro Pay for COLA and License/Certification Pay Update

Latest word is that there will be two separate items on the next paydate, October 21st.  The first is your usual paycheck or pay advise (for those with direct deposit).  The other will be an actual voucher check for all owed retroactive COLA and License/Certification pay as provided in the contract.  The HR staff has told TEA that individual statements detailing how the retro was calculated will be provided, and we are still finalizing how they will be notified of questions or disputes about the calculation.  (For those working at the Brightwater site, which apparently has no regular mail service, a commitment was made to TEA that these retro checks would be delivered to the site that day.)

TEA Special Assessment for Wastewater Members

Donít spend that whole retro check yet!  As discussed in the prior TEA Times Special Edition, the one-time Special Assessment as adopted by members will be billed next paydate or within days thereafter.

As noted before, you will have the option of crediting all past voluntary dues against your Assessment, and can elect to pay all at once, spread payments equally over three months, or spread them over six months with a 5% interest charge.    This too is a required obligation of members under contract.  Your dues card does NOT authorize this deduction from your pay; members will need to directly write a check to TEA.

Instructions will accompany the Assessment, along with an explanation of the calculation of what is owed.

Itís Performance Appraisal Time!

A quick reminder that at this time there has been no change to the Merit Pay system and its relation to the Performance Appraisals as a result of pending or existing contracts for TEA members.


  • Open Enrollment packets in the mail:  You should be receiving your open enrollment packet for 2005 health benefits in the mail soon.  If you haven't received your packet by October 19, call 206-684-1556 to get one sent out to you.  There are no big changes this year, but be sure to check out updated information in your packet.  The deadline for making changes in 2005 is October 29.  Questions?  Call 206-684-1556, or e-mail <mailto:kc.benefits@metrokc.gov>.
  • Classified Ads:  TEA members can post classified ads for free.  Send classified ads to Patty Overby, TEA Secretary at (patty.overby@metrokc.gov)