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January 16 2004

January Meeting Schedule

January 19HOLIDAY 
January 20 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5B), 12-1pm
January 21 TEA Regular Meeting (Elliott Bay Café), 12-1pm
January 22 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 4H), 12-1pm
January 26 WTD Negotiating Team (4C), 12-1pm
January 27 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
January 29 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 4H), 12-1pm

Agenda for January 21 Regular TEA Meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. Update on Contract Negotiations (Discussion of Draft WTD Contract Proposal)
  4. Proposed Bylaw Amendment - Grievance Committee (Discussion Only)
  5. Issues for the Good of the Order

New Council of Reps. Chair

Congratulation to John Whitney, Construction Management/Facilities Inspector, from Transit's Design and Construction unit who is the new Chair of the Council of Reps. John will serve a one-year term.

Thanks again to Victoria Beach for all of her great work, diligence, and representation of the Council at Board meetings over the past year.

Victoria herself writes to us:

I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to each of you who donated sick/vacation leave on my behalf. Both surgery and recovery went quite well. The fact that I would not be having to take leave without pay was a significant stress reducer!!! I am so thankful for your kindness.


Donation of Sick/Vacation Leave Requested

The following TEA employees are in need of donated sick or vacation leave. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping these individuals, please obtain a donation form from the Administrative Assistance for your work group.

  • Greg Suko is out on extended medical leave.
  • Jim Benedict (WTD) has had back surgery and it is unclear when he can return.

For further information on King County leave donation policy, refer to the King County Personnel Guidelines on donating sick or vacation time. Go to Microsoft Outlook, click on "Public Folders/All Public Folders"; Human Resources; Policies & Guidelines; Personnel Guidelines.

Job Openings:

Transit's Design & Construction Section has posted the following positions:

  • Project Control Engineer III - South Construction Field Office
    Job Announcement No. 04AB3915
    Closes: 1/28/04
  • Project Assistant - Real Estate/Environmental Planning
    Job Announcement No. 04AB3797
    Closes: 1/28/04