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May 30, 2003

June Meeting Schedule

June  2 Labor Summit - King County Council
June  3 TEA Business Meeting (KSC, 5F), 12-1pm
June  6 WTD/TEA Contract Negotiations - IBB, 10-12pm
June  9 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
June 10 TEA Business Meeting (KSC, 5F), 12-1pm
June 17 TEA Business Meeting (KSC, 5F), 12-1pm
June 18 TEA Regular Meeting (Elliott Bay Café), 12-1pm
June 23 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
June 24 TEA Business Meeting (KSC, 5F), 12-1pm
June 30 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm

Report on Labor Negotiations

Transit D&C mediation on 5/13 - King County declined to accept TEA "what-if" contract and wage proposal. Mediator is working with TEA and King County to certify negotiations for Interest Arbitration.

WTD mediation session scheduled for 5/29 cancelled by King County; the County's negotiator, Ron Weigelt , has accepted another position within King County; OHRM needs to assign a new negotiator.

Wastewater Productivity

TEA members in WTD were notified on May 23rd that payouts for the 2002 productivity incentive fund would be included with the June 5th paycheck. A full share payout will be $1,253.43 before payroll deductions. While payouts were delayed last year, this year (and in subsequent years) TEA members in WTD will receive productivity payouts on the same schedule as other WTD employees.

WTD Special Leave Code = 225

REMINDER: All WTD-TEA members who received 40-hours of special leave in March 2002 in exchange for revised medical benefits should be sure use that leave by the end of 2002. As the summer vacation time approaches, be sure to access your special leave balance by using the appropriate TRC Code - 225.

Leave Donation Request - Ken Alver

Ken Alver will need to be taking intermittent leave for a serious family medical situation for an indeterminate amount of time. He has depleted most of his available leave. King County employees can donate leave to other employees by completing a leave donation request form.

The form can be located through the WTD Intranet home page, by clicking on the HR icon at the bottom and looking at the list of Frequently Used Forms (http://dnr-web.metrokc.gov/wtd/HumanResources/index.htm). Completed forms can be turned into Alejandra Calderon at KSC-NR-0503.

Job Openings

Transit's Design and Construction Section has posted the following position, which is open internally to all career service employees, regular exempt employees and probationary employees who attained career service status in a previous position:

Engineer IV, Mechanical (Structural Engineering & Facilities Architectural Unit)
Job Announcement No.: 03FS3433
Opens: 5/26/03
Closes: 6/9/03