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May 12, 2003

May Meeting Schedule

May 12 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
May 13(Transit)Contract Mediation Session, 9-4pm
May 14   Council of Reps. (Elliott Bay Bookstore Café), 12-1pm
May 19 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
May 20 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
May 21   TEA Regular Meeting (Elliott Bay Café), 12-1pm
May 27 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
May 29(Water)Contract Mediation Session, 10-4pm

Update on TEA's Proposed Financial Plan

The Officers of TEA are working on a Financial Plan to present to the membership for ratification. The goal of the Financial Plan is to be equitable among all members; to pay off the debt; to keep rates below that of other unions; and to cover anticipated expenses and to maintain a positive revenue balance.

At the April monthly meeting, Treasurer Eric Mandel presented TEA's current and projected financial plan, along with two proposed dues-structure alternatives that the Board will bring to the membership for a vote. The two alternatives are:
  • Option A - Increase Dues to 0.7%
  • Option B - Maintain Current Dues Rate at 0.4% and Implement a One-Time Assessment
These two options were discussed at the April Membership Meeting. A straw poll was taken at the meeting and the members present unanimously preferred Option B. The one-time (or initiation) fee was proposed to average $400, although it would be proportional to hourly wage rates for each member and would be offset by a credit from each member's voluntary contribution total to date. This is approximately the amount one would have voluntarily paid from the time TEA was recognized as the bargaining unit for its members. Thus, equity for all members would be preserved.

A formal presentation on the Financial Plan was scheduled for the membership meeting on May 21; however, the presentation and vote is postponed until details on the options are finalized. To obtain more information on what was discussed at the April 16th meeting, refer to the TEA web site and look under meeting summaries (4/16/03)

Report on Negotiations

WTD Mediation session on 4/24; TEA presented a complete "what-if" proposal that included a wage proposal; next mediation session on 5/29.

Transit Mediation session on 5/8; continued discussions on complete "what-if" package (incl. wage proposal); Cathi Olglesby with the Exec. Office attended in the afternoon; next mediation session on 5/13.

Job Openings

Transit's Design and Construction Section has posted the following position, which is open internally to all career service employees, regular exempt employees and probationary employees who attained career service status in a previous position:
Engineer V, Supervisor (Structural Engineering and Facilities Architectural Unit)
Job Announcement No.: 03FS3377
Opens: 5/5/03
Closes: 5/19/03

General Announcements

Seattle Participates in Anti-Terrorism Exercise:

On May 12 and 13, Seattle hosts a national counter-terrorism exercise called TOPOFF2. The focus of the exercise involves a simulated hazardous materials incident near the Tully's roasting plant on the 2900 bock of Airport Way S. More information can be obtained by going to www.seattle.gov/mayor.

Seattle Monorail Project Station Design Workshops:

Share your ideas on how your neighborhood monorail station should look, feel and function. Attend one of the following workshops from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (childcare provided):
    • May 15: Ballard High School (1418 NW 65th)
    • May 20: West Seattle High School (3000 California Avenue SW)
    • May 21: Benaroya Hall (200 University Street)
    • May 29: Seattle Center, Northwest Rooms (305 Harrison Street)