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March 21, 2003

April Meeting Schedule

Apr.  3(Transit)Contract Mediation Session, 9-4pm
Apr.  7 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Apr.  8 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
Apr.  9(Water)Contract Mediation Session, 10-4pm
Apr.  9 Council of Reps. (Elliott Bay Bookstore Café), 12-1pm
Apr. 14 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Apr. 15 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
Apr. 16 TEA Regular Meeting (Elliott Bay Café), 12-1pm
Apr. 21 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Apr. 22 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm
Apr. 24(Water)Contract Mediation Session, 10-4pm
Apr. 28 Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Apr. 29 TEA Business Meeting (King St. Center, 5F), 12-1pm

Deadline to Submit New Flexible Spending Account Application

When TEA members in the Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) voted to accept King County’s new medical benefit plan, they also earned the right to amend their Flexible Spending Accounts. WTD members need to submit new or updated FSA application to OHRM by Tuesday, April 1.

King County Moves to Phase 2 Operational Level, Identification Cards

Attached is a copy of the letter we received from King County to Union Representatives.

March 20, 2003

Dear Union Representative:

Due to emerging national security issues, the King County Sheriff's Office has implemented an elevated Operational Readiness Level, known as "Level 2." In accordance with this elevated Readiness Level, the County as a whole is responding by taking certain steps to enhance its security posture to protect its personnel and facilities from those who might wish to do harm.

As a result of this move to Level 2, all King County employees will be asked to carry on their persons their King County Identification Cards. At this time, employees will not be required to wear their Identification Cards in a visible manner unless this has already been a practice or rule within their work units.

In the event that you wish to bargain the effects associated with this decision for your contract, please contact me as soon as possible.


David Gaba
Labor Relations Manager

Union Dues Support Contract Negotiations

When TEA was recognized by King County in April 2001 for the bargaining rights of employees in the Wastewater Treatment Division and Transit Design & Construction Section, the County allowed TEA to utilize payroll deductions for paying dues.

TEA needs your help in paying for financial expenses incurred by our legal counsel during the contract bargaining process. At this time, TEA dues are voluntary (amount contributed to be paid back once a contract is signed and the outstanding long term debt to our attorney is first paid off). If you are not already doing to, we would encourage you to obtain and sign a dues authorization card, which can be obtained from either your workgroup representative or a TEA officer.

Currently, 200 out of 275 members are utilizing the payroll deduction system to pay TEA dues. The dues rate is 0.4%. For those of you making $30 an hour, this equates to $9.60 a paycheck. For those of you making $20 an hour, this equates to $6.40 a paycheck.

Wastewater TEA members received an additional 5 days vacation for accepting the County’s medical benefit package. These benefits were achieved through the hard work and efforts of both our legal counsel and the Wastewater and Transit Negotiating Teams. Please do your part.