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December 2, 2002

December Meeting Schedule

Dec.  2Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Dec.  3TEA Business Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 5F
Dec.  5(WTD) Contract Negotiating Session, 9-4pm
Dec.  9Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Dec. 10(Transit) Contract Mediation Session, 9-4pm
Dec. 11TEA Business Meeting, 12-1pm, KSC 5F
Dec. 16Contract Negotiating Team, 12-1pm
Dec. 17Transit D&C Holiday Lunch
Dec. 18(Transit) Contract Mediation Session, 9-4pm
Dec. 18TEA Monthly Meeting, 12-1pm, Elliott Bay Bookstore Café
Dec. 19(WTD) Contract Negotiating Session, 9-4pm

Productivity Incentive Fund

TEA members in the Wastewater Treatment Division will soon be receiving their share of the Productivity Incentive Fund for 2001. Payment of these funds was withheld by Management earlier this year pending the resolution of contract language addressing the Productivity Initiative in WTD. On October 19th, TEA and King County signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines TEA’s participation in the Productivity Initiative. As a result, King County agreed to release the payment for 2001. Payments will be made “as soon as administratively practical”, according to the MOU, and hopefully on the next regular paycheck.

Merit Pay

Eligible TEA members will be receiving merit pay increases January 1, 2003 as a result of settlements reached with King County (Transit settlement on Skimming UFLP Practice on skimming; and Wastewater settlement on reorganization).

TEA Member Elected President of NAACP, Seattle Chapter

Congratulations to TEA member Carl Mack who was elected to become the next president of the Seattle Chapter of NAACP. The election was held on Nov. 25th. The Seattle Chapter has over 1,000 members. Mr. Mack will serve in his new role for two years starting January 1, 2003.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Bylaws have been updated on the TEA Website to reflect changes per Nov. 20 TEA Meeting

In accordance with Article XII, Amendments and Revisions, the following Amendments to the TEA Bylaws have been proposed and will be voted on by the TEA membership at the monthly meeting on December 18th. The proposed changes are to make the Bylaws consistent with current practice.  Note: the language proposed to be deleted is crossed out and the proposed new wording is in red and underlined:

  1. Section B (3). Regular Meetings

    “Regular meetings will be attended by the Board and the Council, but attendance is open to any Full Member. Voting will be cast by all Full members present the Board and the Council, except in the case of a special election as described in Article IX, Section B.”

  2. Section B (4). Regular Meetings

    “The initial Regular Meetings will be held at a date set by the Board the third Wednesday of the month. Subsequent Regular Meetings will be held monthly at a day and time determined by a majority vote of the Council and the Board present at the previous Regular Meeting.