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April 30, 2002

Merit Increase Update ($)

Transit Design and Construction members of TEA received their merit pay increases on their paycheck last week. Congratulations! Retro checks should follow in about four weeks if the experience in Wastewater is any guide.

TEA members in the Wastewater Treatment Division received their merit pay on March 27 & 28 and received their retro checks on April 24 & 25.

BACKGROUND: In December 2001, King County decided to withhold merit pay and COLA for all TEA members until the TEA contract was signed. In reaction to this, TEA filed a complaint in Superior Court, objecting to the County's withholding of the merit pay. Shortly after that time, the County and TEA started to negotiate a resolution to this issue.

On March 4th, TEA and the Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) signed an agreement which allowed TEA members in WTD to receive their merit pay retroactive to January 1st. To reach this agreement, TEA approved modifications to the Division reorganization in Wastewater that was implemented in January.

Then on March 7th, TEA and the Transit Division reached an agreement which allowed TEA members in Transit receive their merit pay as well.

TEA continues to work hard to protect the pay and working conditions of its members. TEA legal services are provided by dues paying members. Please take this opportunity to contribute to the effort; sign a dues authorization card today. Talk to your TEA work group representative or a TEA Board member for more information.

Visit the TEA website at www.teaseattle.org, where you can find meeting minutes, previous issues of TEA Times, and more.

April Meeting Schedule Update

Apr 29: TEA Bargaining Team , 12-1pm
Apr 30: TEA Meeting with Wastewater North Satellite Construction, Salmon Bay Café, 12-1pm
May 1: TEA Bargaining Team (Compensation Subcommittee), 12-1pm
May 3: TEA-WTD / KC Contract Bargaining Session, 9-4pm
May 6: TEA Bargaining Team, 12-1pm
May 7: TEA Business Meeting, Elliott Bay Café, 12-1pm
May 8: TEA Bargaining Team (Compensation Subcommittee), 12-1pm
May 9: TEA-Transit / KC Contract Bargaining Session, 9-4pm
May 10: TEA-WTD / KC Contract Bargaining Session, 9-4pm
May 17: Monthly Meeting - Elliott Bay Cafe Meeting Room, 12-1pm

All TEA members are encouraged to attend the Monthly Meeting on 5/17

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