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T i m e s

April 17, 2002

Meeting Minutes -- April 17, 2002

Wyatt Wood asked members to keep track of rumored Transit reorganization

Wyatt Wood asked WTD members for productivity suggestions.

Treasurer's Report - Ken Madden

Treasurer sick, no report.

Council of Representatives Report - Patty Overby

Good turnout at first meeting. Council requested:
  1. A list of board members and representatives be in the next TEA Times and be posted on the web site.
  2. Discussion of benefit leave and class/comp at next Monthly Meeting (May 15)

Jim Cline and Wyatt wood are working on training to bring everyone up to speed on typical union activities and roles.

Next Council of Representatives meeting will be June 25.

Bargaining Report - Dave Crippen

Benefit time:

  1. Transit is reviewing cost of TEA proposal
  2. WTD is in proposal/counter proposal stage. Sick leave will remain sick leave and not be part of benefit time bargaining.
  3. TEA Class/Comp proposal is well along and will soon be presented to the County. Council is pressuring OHRM to implement their version of Class/Comp.
  4. Desk audit reinstatement is part of negotiations.
  5. Need discussion of seniority at next Monthly Meeting (May 15)

Submitted by Severne B. Johnson, 19 April 2002.