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April 5, 2002

Merit Increase Update

According to Ann Emerson (WTD-HR), TEA members will start receiving their 2002 Merit Pay on the next pay check (4/11). King County has withheld our merit increases since January 1, 2002. But through the bargaining process, and with the help of our attorney, TEA successfully reinstated the prior merit-based pay system .

Keep in mind that the COLA for 2002 must still be negotiated within the TEA contract and will not be received until the final contract is approved.

Attorney Jim Cline provides TEA members with solid legal service. The legal services contract costs TEA an average of $15/person/month. Currently, 147 out of 250 TEA members are contributing dues through payroll deductions; that's about 60% of the membership, which is not sufficient to cover TEA's legal expenses.

If you are not currently paying your share, please consider this opportunity to begin doing so. Dues deduction cards are available from any TEA Board member or work-group representative. Thanks for your support!

April Meeting Schedule Update

  April 8	Bargaining Team , 12-1pm
  April 9 	TEA-Transit / KC Contract Bargaining Session, 9:30-4:00pm
  April 10 	Compensation Subcommittee. 12-1pm

  April 15	TEA Bargaining Team, 12-1pm
  April 16	TEA-Transit / KC Contract Bargaining Session, 9:30-4:00pm
  April 17	Monthly Meeting - Elliott Bay Cafe Meeting Room, 12-1pm
  April 18	Open
  April 19	Hearing for ULP - "Skimming Charge" in Transit

All TEA members are encouraged to attend the Monthly Meeting on April 17.

Classified Ads

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