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T i m e s

January / February Meeting Schedule

  Jan. 28 - Bargaining Team
  Jan. 29 - Special Meeting with Offsite Workgroup:
                   East Satellite Construction
                  (Bellevue Public Library, 12–1pm)
  Jan. 30 - Bargaining Team
  Feb.  1 - Compensation Subcommittee of the Bargaining Team

  Feb.  4 - Bargaining Team
  Feb.  5 - Special Meeting
  Feb.  6 - Bargaining Team
  Feb.  7 - Compensation Subcommittee of the Bargaining Team

  Feb. 11 - Bargaining Team
  Feb. 12 - Special Meeting
  Feb. 13 - Bargaining Team
  Feb. 14 - Compensation Subcommittee of the Bargaining Team

  Feb. 18 - Holiday
  Feb. 19 - Special Meeting
  Feb. 20 - Monthly Meeting - Elliott Bay Cafe Meeting Room
  Feb. 21 - Compensation Subcommittee of the Bargaining Team

Special Meeting - Tuesday, January 29th

This special meeting is being held at the Bellevue Public Library to accommodate the an offsite TEA work group at the East Satellite Construction office of the Wastewater Treatment Division.


  • Contract Bargaining – Status Update
  • Merit Pay Increases – Court Action and ULP
  • Contract Specific Items
The meeting will be held on Tuesday, from noon to 1pm at the Bellevue Public Library.

TEA Board Meets in Executive Session - Thursday, January 24th

The TEA Board met on 1/24 and voted 4-0 in favor of the following motion:
As of this date, the Second Vice President and Chair of the Bargaining Committee, David Crippen, shall be the principal contact with Jim Cline on any and all bargaining issues in accordance with the contract signed with Cline and Associates on April 24, 2001.
The TEA President will immediately convey this information to Cline and Associates.
The TEA Secretary shall prepare a letter from TEA to Cline and Associates.

King County Court on Jan. 15th

Judge Canova denied TEA’s request for a Temporary Injunction regarding the King County’s withholding of Merit increases, saying that we did not meet all three criteria. In response, TEA has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) lawsuit against King County.


ARTWORK SUBMITTALS are due February 1, 2002
Send to: Severne Johnson, KSC-NR-0508