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November 2, 2001


Tuesday, November 6th – Contract Proposal
This meeting is dedicated to a discussion of bargaining positions identified in TEA’s draft contract proposal. The purpose of the meeting is to share draft contract information with TEA members prior to submitting it to the County on November 8th. TEA’s Bargaining Team will present the draft contract topic by topic; the contract proposal contains issues previously identified by members and has been prepared in conjunction with TEA’s attorney, Karyl Elinski.

TEA members and/or work-group representatives are encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6th from 12-1pm in the meeting room of the Elliott Bay Bookstore.

Class / Comp

On Monday October 29th, we all received an electronic update from Bob Derrick, Director OHRM, titled: Implementation Status of the Class / Comp Project. Keep in mind that TEA is currently bargaining for our classifications and compensation. As a result, the memo from Mr. Derrick does not apply to our members, with the exception of those currently in the Administrative Specialist classification.

Election Results

On October 17, TEA elected a new vice-president , Johnnie Butler, and re-elected the Secretary, Severne Johnson, and the Treasurer, Ken Madden.

The turnout for the election was 72 percent. There was also a large interested from members observing the vote count. Congratulations to the new officers.

Charitable Campaign

By now you've likely received your King County Charitable Campaign form. It has been made clear that there is good reason to check the box at the bottom of the form where we are asked if we are a member of a bargaining unit. This is the perfect opportunity to provide TEA some very positive visibility. If you've not already filled out and handed in your form, please make sure that you check the box and fill in King County Technical Employees Association.

Heartwalk Update

The TEA team raised over $800 in the Heart Walk on Saturday, October 20th. The Team consisted of Victoria Beach, Wyatt Wood, Colleen Hinkle and her son, Dorian. Many thanks to all who pledged.

Question to the TEA President

Q: What is it that you hope to accomplish during contract bargaining?

A: In TEA --

  • we believe that our managers and staff share an interest in efficiency, productivity and fair pay for an honest day’s work,
  • in the value of the people in the organization,
  • and that everyone has a right to a career.

  • We hope to treat interpersonal conflicts as a growth opportunity before they become discipline or grievance actions.
  • We hope to create and perpetuate work organizations that will keep our members productive through the lean times; that will be able to benefit from organizational memory and resulting project and program management skill for the large projects; and we hope to maintain quality and productivity through changes due to an aging work force.
  • We will work to help solve Transit and Wastewater Divisions’ problems attracting and retaining the most qualified people by improving pay and benefits.

- Wyatt Wood, TEA President

Classified Ads

Sell stuff / Buy stuff.  Send classified ads to the email address posted on the TEA website (www.teaseattle.org) by Friday each week for posting the following week. FREE!

Wanted: Small size Lego’s for children, call Shahrzad @ 425-822-4212

Donations Needed: Help send a team of teen age boys and girls from Garfield and Rainier Beach High Schools the World Championships in Reno, November 15th through 19th. For more information contact Wyatt Wood, 789-5529