October 1, 2001 email: teaseattle  


T i m e s

October 1, 2001

Special Meeting Topic: Communications

TEA will have a special meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd, at noon in the Elliott Bay Cafe meeting room, to discuss communications within the bargaining unit.

The goal of the meeting is to identify and to improve the flow of information within TEA. If you have suggestions, feedback or concerns regarding this topic, please attend the meeting and participate.

Election Update

The election schedule for the office of 1st Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer has been established as follows:

Ballots will be distributed to all TEA members on Monday, October 8. Enclosed with each ballot will be a statement by each of the candidates. Ballots must be returned to the Secretary, Severne Johnson (MS KSC-NR-0508), by noon on October 17, which is the day of TEA's monthly meeting for October. The ballots will be opened and the results announced at the October 17th Monthly meeting.

Contract Bargaining

The next contract bargaining session between TEA and King County will take place on Thursday, October 4. The bargaining team for the master agreement consists of Dave Crippen, Wyatt Wood, Roger Browne, Alex Marin and Kim Kingsbury