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September 22, 2001

The annual election of TEA officers has been nullified as a result of concerns raised by TEA members at the September 19, 2001 annual meeting.  Members at that meeting objected to voting without knowledge of the candidates.  At least one workgroup had not received ballots prior to the meeting.

A majority of those attending the meeting agreed that the only fair thing to do under the circumstances is to invalidate the ballots gathered at the meeting, and to hold a new election.
"On behalf of myself and the other TEA officers, I want to apologize to all members for not putting this election together in conformance with our own democratic standards and ideals."
-- Wyatt Wood, TEA President.
Candidates for TEA offices are being asked to submit statements explaining their interest and qualifications to Wyatt Wood.  The statements will be distributed to eligible members by the TEA TIMES.  The board will set a new date and time for return of the completed ballots.
Candidates' names are listed at www.teaseattle.org.

The TEA by-laws have no provision for write-in votes.  The intent is to avoid the election of any person who has not expressed interest in serving in any board position.

TEA will have a special meeting on Tuesday, September 25, at twelve O'clock, in the Elliott Bay Café.
The subject of the meeting will be sick leave, vacation and other County paid leaves.  One option that will be discussed is benefit time.