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June 28, 2001

June Meeting - Success
The last regular meeting was held on Wednesday, June 20, 2001 from 12-1pm in the North Auditorium of the Jackson Federal Building. The most significant event was the process to elect a new Second Vice President.

Three highly qualified candidates were considered by all 39 members present. Each provided a verbal overview of their qualifications. Dave Crippen, with Transit Design and Construction, received the most votes. As a result, Dave becomes the new Second VP and Chair of the Bargaining Committee.

Congratulations to Dave and please support his efforts during the upcoming contract bargaining process.

Contract Bargaining
TEA submitted a "demand to bargain" letter to King County on May 17. On June 15,

Bob Railton, KC-OHRM, called for a prebargaining meeting to be held on June 28, 2001. The following TEA representatives attended:

  • Wyatt Wood, President
  • Dave Crippen, 2nd VP and Chair of the Bargaining Committee
  • Jim Cline, Attorney
  • Ann Emerson, WTD HR
  • Mark Isaacson, WTD Productivity

Representatives from King County included:

  • Bob Railton, OHRM
  • Judy Riley, Transit
  • Beth Dolliver, Transit
  • Maureen Welch, WTD

A special TEA meeting has been called for Tuesday, 7/3, from 12-1pm at the Elliott Bay Bookstore Café Conference Room to discuss the specifics of the prebargaining meeting. The meeting is open to all TEA members.

Voluntary Dues Authorization Cards
TEA will need financial resources during the contract bargaining process. Following TEA's recognition by King County in April, the County has allowed the use of payroll deduction for union dues.

Voluntary dues authorization cards have been distributed, and over 100 TEA members are now contributing via payroll deductions. Contact your TEA work group representative or any Board member for a dues authorization card or additional information.