April 25, 2001 email: teaseattle  


T i m e s

April 25, 2001

County Sends Voluntary Recognition Letter

It's Official: The Technical Employees Association received a letter from Bob Railton, King County Labor Negotiator, on April 13, 2001, documenting voluntary recognition for TEA to represent four bargaining units:

  1. WTD staff in DCAM, P&SD, TARR
  2. WTD supervisors in DCAM, P&SD, TARR
  3. Transit Design and Construction staff
  4. Transit Design and Construction supervisors

April Meeting Summary

TEA held a regular monthly meeting on April 18, 2001, with 38 members and work group representatives attending. Presentations were made regarding:

  • Financial Plan
  • Legal Services Contract
  • Bargaining Issues
  • Bargaining Teams

If you are interested in serving on the contract bargaining committee, please contact Roger Scrafford.

Legal Services Contract Approved

The TEA Board voted to authorize a two-year contract for legal services with Cline and Associates. The contract was signed on 4/24/01, and is to be implemented immediately.

Next Monthly Meeting: May 16

You are welcome to attend the next monthly meeting on May 16, 2001 from 12 1pm in room 5B and 5C of the King Street Center. Each work group should send at least one representative.