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April 2, 2001

Voluntary Recognition

The Technical Employees Association achieved the goal of Voluntary Recognition on Friday March 30, 2001, at 11:30 am, in the office of mediator Mike Walsh. Pledge cards from employees in the Transit Design and Construction Section and the Wastewater Treatment Division (DCAM, P&SD, and TARR) were presented to the County representative and verified by Mr. Walsh.

The following people were in attendance:

Bob Railton, King County Labor Negotiator
Mike Walsh, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Manager
Wyatt Wood, President of TEA
Roger Scrafford, Second Vice President of TEA
Ken Madden, Treasurer of TEA
Duc Dang, WTD, Mechanical/Electrical Design Group Representative of TEA
Doug Robertson, WTD, East Satellite Construction Group Representative of TEA
Eric Davison, WTD, Civil Design Group Representative of TEA
Terry Brown, WTD, Member of TEA
Merdad Shaverdian, WTD, Member of TEA

TEA needed a showing-of-interest via pledge cards greater than 70% in each of the four bargaining units established during the mediation process earlier this year. The new TEA bargaining units and their respective showing-of-interest are as follows:

   WTD staff in DCAM, P&SD, TARR    87%
   WTD supervisors in DCAM, P&SD, TARR    89%
   Transit Design and Construction staff    77%
   Transit Design and Construction supervisors    100%

Mr. Railton will prepare a letter from King County granting recognition to TEA for bargaining rights for each of the four work units. Contract bargaining with King County will begin immediately.

Other Business

The Technical Employees Association held the first monthly meeting with work-group representatives on March 14, 2001. The meeting participants created a preliminary list of contract bargaining issues. In addition, a list of attributes for bargaining committee candidates was developed to guide the Board in the selection of the bargaining committee. If you are interested in serving on the contract bargaining committee, please contact Roger Scrafford.